You Should Have a Green Christmas Tree

For you, the holidays represent tradition and memories.
You tend to do things the same way each year. You find your holiday customs comforting.

You enjoy all of the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of Christmas.
You can’t imagine getting any joy from an artificial tree.

Your green tree would look great with: Classic ornaments

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What you should bake for Santa: A gingerbread house

This is spot on, in theory.  Circumstances have forced me/us in a different direction this year, though.  Which is absolutely fine.  If I hadn’t been so stubborn, I/we would have started doing things very differently three years ago, but giving up tradition comes hard.  Or so I thought.  This year we decided to just “wing it” for the Christmas season, and see what happened.  So far, so good.  So far, so very good.  What a lot of energy I’ve wasted in the past, on things which I thought were absolutely vital, but which I now know just weren’t.  Christmas still came last year with somewhat pared down preparations, and I have every confidence that it will come this year,  with much less fuss and bother in advance.

It took all of my energy and then some to get done what has been done this year.  Which was just the bare essentials, in my mind, but that’s going to have to be enough.  I’m exhausted and feel really ill again, so I couldn’t do any more even if I wanted to.   Learning to manage CFS and Fibro is still an ongoing process, but I’m starting to see the purpose of this stage in my life.  I’ve never been terribly materialistic, but I needed to learn the meaning of “enough” in its many other contexts.    Obviously I haven’t found the entire definition yet, but I’m getting there.

Many blogs I read have a common theme just now.  The writers are flying in a thousand different directions, trying to get through the million things on their festive to do lists, because it’s what they think they need to do.  Is that really what this season is all about, though, whatever your interpretation of the meaning of the season?  I’m not pointing fingers, just asking.  Had I not been forcibly slowed down, I’d probably be doing the headless chicken routine myself right now.  But I can’t, and I’m glad that I can’t.  For many years I was so swept up in the “must do” mindset, as dictated by others, that I lost my own meaning for Christmas.   This year I’ve found it again,  because I have to take the time to breathe, and can only do enough.

It’s the done thing at this time of year to wish all and sundry great abundance in all things.  But I can’t do that anymore, in good conscience.   Rather, I wish you, yours, and all others, just enough.


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