Winter? Nope, Just a Teaser

It was a miserable morning here, with a cold wind howling, heavy cloud cover, and a general feeling of grey. I suggested to Richard that perhaps it was time for some snow, just to brighten things up a bit. Then I took myself off for a soak in a hot bath to chase some aches away.

Half an hour later I descended the stairs, to see Richard grinning like something that seriously grins.  “What were you saying, just before you went upstairs? Take a look out the window.”

Whoa.  Didn’t realize I have so much influence on the weather gods.

(click a couple of times to enlarge the photos)

You can’t tell from the photos, but it was really snowing and blowing out there.  By the time the storm dissipated, a couple of hours later, everything was covered with a nice layer of pristine white.  The temperature has risen this evening and a light rain began an hour or so ago.  So, some of the snow has already melted, and I expect that the rest will be gone by morning.  Oh well, it was pretty while it lasted. It was just a teaser this time, but one of these days the real thing is going to get here, and stay here.

Perhaps I should now take the hint and do the switch over from winter to summer clothes.  I don’t suppose that shorts, tank tops and outdoor flip flops are going to be needed again any time soon.   What do you think?


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