Counting to Ten Through Clenched Teeth

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, ladies, but it’s that time of year again. ‘Tis the time of year when love for one’s spouse/partner is likely to be put to the severest of tests. I don’t make a habit of picking on men because I really, really like them as a species. I’m married to a rather splendid one and have always had thoroughly fab male specimens in my circle of friends. I’m very much a girly girl in many ways, but I seem to relate better to the male brain than I do to the female version quite a bit of the time.

Except at this time of year. Even Mr. Shrew twangs my last nerve something awful when he lapses into a spell of stereotypical male behaviour. I know that he can’t help it, as he’s genetically programmed to be this way. But …!!!


6 thoughts on “Counting to Ten Through Clenched Teeth

  1. You'd be able to stop at a slap? Whining absolutely makes me crazy, so a cold would be the least of his complaints if he were my other half!! 😉

  2. Tammy – too true indeed. Well, in most of the men that I've ever known anyway. :DRel – judging from your response, I take it that you consider yourself an exception to the rule? Perhaps I need to have a chat with D and get her opinion on the matter. 🙂

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