That’s That, Then

Righty ho. That’s Halloween over and done with for another year, so now the thoughts turn towards Christmas. Oh calm down, I didn’t mean that seriously. Much as I like to get the Christmas preparations done early, the start of November is just a tad too early. Except for thinking about my Christmas card list, of course. Most of our cards go overseas and need at least a short note in many of them, so we/I have to get going at them early. At least I think that I’ll be sending out cards this year. I bought them last week anyway, so fingers crossed that I get them written. Yesterday I signed a birthday card, without the feeling that someone was trying to hack my arm off at the wrist and elbow with a dull axe, so that’s progress. But if you get a card signed with a wobbly “X”, you’ll know who it’s from.:)

Halloween was pretty quiet in our neighbourhood. We had thirty visitors, which is about average, but they came in groups, so there weren’t many trips to the door. It was a fairly decent night weather-wise, in that it was calm and dry. But it was probably a bit too cold for the really little ones to be out for long. At least the snow we woke up to in the morning had disappeared over the course of the day. My favourite visitor of the evening was a tiny miss, dressed up as a tiger. She was just as cute as a button, as most kids are anyway, at somewhere between their second and third birthdays. I asked her if her mom had done the fantastic makeup job on her face, to which she replied “yes”, in a tone that implied that I was the most stupid person on earth. I don’t mean a cheeky, obnoxious tone, but rather one that said, “well, duh, I’m too little to do it myself, and who else would, besides my mom?” Very true, it was a really dumb question. 🙂 Actually, all of the costumes were great, and even the older kids made a real effort, for a change. I don’t mind giving treats to teenagers, but I do mind if they just go around collecting loot without even applying a bit of makeup or whatever. No rude louts this time, either, so I didn’t have a thing to grizzle about at the end of the evening. Woo hoo! I can’t help it, I’m just a real stickler for manners. It’s the way I was raised and is as much a part of me as my eye colour. I’ve loosened up in most ways over time, but not when it comes to manners. Especially please and thank you, and table manners. I won’t swipe your elbow off my table if it drifts onto it, but I’ll definitely hyperventilate a bit and probably throw a killer glance or two at the offending arm joint. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Oh, and just a little side note here while I’m still talking about Halloween. Carving a pumpkin is just so overdone these days. Dare to be different next year. Carve a squash, like Stephanie did.  😀


3 thoughts on “That’s That, Then

  1. Arrrggghhh! You had to go and remind us that Christmas is just around the corner! ;-)Now that Halloween is behind us, it truly won't be long now…Stephanie did a good job on her squash-O-lantern, LOL.Have a wonderful weekend, Eleanor!Hugs,Diane

  2. I'm seeing reminders of Christmas coming in all the stores. (have been for several weeks now) I often think in the US that Thanksgiving gets lost in the rush to prepare for Christmas.Cute carved squash!!xo

  3. Ooh sorry, Diane, I won't mention the “C” word again, at least not for a few weeks. :)Stephanie saw your comment and is right chuffed. She has always been one to march to her own drummer, in case you haven't noticed yet. 🙂

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