Belated Birthday Greetings

You know, I really do worry about myself sometimes. I’m just merrily doing a bit of tweaking here and notice that I have an unpublished draft entry. “Hmm,” say I, “what on earth could that be? I haven’t saved anything in draft for ages.” So, I have a look, and a major groan ensues.

Happy belated birthday, Susie! I didn’t forget your day, I just confused “save” and “publish” when I did the post. 😦

I already know that you had a great birthday, but here are some warm wishes for an absolutely splendid year until the next one!

And I shall try to engage my brain a little better next year, too!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Greetings

  1. What I hate is when I hit publish when I meant draft…lol…especially if I've been on a little rant…I do that often to get it “out of my system” and then erase when I feel better…lol!Has anyone told you how “creepy” your header is…I feel like something sinister is looking at me and had to quickly scroll down ~~~shiver~~~Have a great day!

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