Turns out that the new “miracle” medication didn’t like me very much. It was still working fairly well on the pain, but the sleepy effect was getting ridiculous, as were some of the other not so desirable effects. So, I quit taking it a week ago, but I had been on it just long enough to get the full onslaught of withdrawal symptoms that come with a sudden cessation. Oy.

Obviously the passive approach isn’t going to work here, so it looks like I’m gonna have to put on my superhero cape and tame this beast all by my lonesome. Which is going to take a little while to figure out, but I’ll get there. Actually, I prefer this more active approach. Swallowing a pill is easy and convenient, and prevention of symptoms is a rather nice concept. But I felt like an invalid when I was medicated, and I don’t when I’m not. I really don’t like invalid. Never have. Figuring out a personal battle strategy is very empowering. The fibro is being a real pain again, literally, but I know how to be a pain, too. And honey, trust me, when I make up my mind to be a pain, I can reeeeeeaaaalllly pull it off in spades. Mm hm.

Oh, on a related note, today’s mail brought an entry form for a draw for one of these little beauties. Random junk mail I might have laughed at, but this was specifically addressed to me. We are not amused.

To add to the trauma of the day, my clothesline broke this afternoon. Of course it was loaded with Stephanie’s “going out” clothes, freshly hung out so still very wet, which ended up in a nice row across the now empty, nothing there but soft dirt, part of the vegetable garden. And that’s all that I care to say about that. Oy!

By the way, can anyone tell me who Natalie is? I’m just wondering if any of you know, ’cause I sure don’t. And it’s really, really bugging me. I don’t usually forget a name or a face, but Natalie seems to be the exception to the rule. This was the evening for our weekly delivery of organic goodies, and I got the door this time, as Richard was at work. Mr. Delivery Man, with the yummy radio voice, said, “Are you Eleanor? Natalie says hi.” To which I said “thanks” or some such thing, being more intent on not dropping the heavy, unwieldy box than I was on Natalie’s greeting. But as soon as he was gone, I realized that I don’t have a hot clue about who this friendly Natalie person might be. I’ve been wracking my brain all evening, trying to remember any Natalie that I might have been at all friendly with over the years, and I can’t think of a single one. Not a school mate, not a former co-worker, and certainly not a close friend or relative. This is going to drive me seriously bonkers until he comes back next week, you know. Oy!

Alrighty, that’s enough of the oys for this session. I’m back properly now, I think, but if posts remain a bit slow over the next little while, you’ll know that I’m still dealing with withdrawal stuff.

Oh, and just because I’m such a nice, considerate person, and just because I’ll probably forget all about this if I don’t say it now, I need to give you advance notice of yet another big change in my blogging habits. Wait, hear me out before you start throwing things, or wander off in disgust!! Pretty please? Hey come on now, this one isn’t even my idea or my fault, so you’re giving the wrong person a rough time. Be fair, people! Right, are you back and paying attention now? Fine, then I can get on with the story. 🙂

My darling daughter gave me part one of a surprise gift this evening. Well, I guess it wasn’t entirely a surprise as the idea had been casually discussed not long ago, but I hadn’t give it any serious thought. It was mentioned again this evening, but I didn’t realize that she was planning to just go ahead and do it. Obviously she didn’t inherit my “think about it for a good while” gene! Anyway, I am now the proud owner of my own domain. Which is going to simplify my online life greatly, once things are up and running. No more having stuff spread out here and there; it’s all going to be under one roof, so to speak. The other nice thing is that it will give me much more autonomy to do my own thing in my own way, which I definitely like at this point in life. Or rather, it will give me autonomy eventually, but Miss Stephanie likes to be the one to set things up the way she thinks they should be set up initially. And she calls me a control freak! Sheesh. Once she gets a bee in her bonnet, things happen quickly, so I imagine that it will be all up and running within the next couple of days or so. And I promise, cross my heart and hope to die promise, that this is going to be the very last time I move my blog. Forever and ever. And ever and ever. And ever and ever. Or for at least as long as I want to pay for a domain. Which will be a long time. Promise, promise, promise, promise, promise. Promise. No, really, I do!

I’ll apparently be Tame the Shrew again, once she has things set up. Her choice, not mine, but I know better than to argue about such things. Oh yes, I do! You comparative newbies never knew me as that, but it was my blog name for quite a while, and is still my identity over at LiveJournal. Stephanie chose the name in the beginning, and it has always been her favourite of my various identies over the years. It’s the only tongue in cheek blog name I’ve ever had and, now that I think about it, my blog became a whole lot less fun after I quit using it. Coincidence? Methinks not. In case you’re curious, the name came about when Stephanie was just coming out of the, um, “interesting” teenager stage. You know what I mean, right? We’ve always had a good relationship, but man, when we locked horns during her teenage years, we really locked ’em good! So, when I said that I was trying to think of a blog name at the time that was not too serious, reflected my love of literature, etc., this is the first thing that popped into her head. She had a smile on her face at the time, which I think was genuine, but I didn’t ask as I really didn’t want to know if it wasn’t all meant in good fun. 😉

Alrighty, now I really and truly am going to call it a night. I’ve had a busy day (by my standards), and need to get my tired, achy self off to my nice comfy bed.

‘Nighty night, all.


2 thoughts on “Oy!

  1. Much ado about lots of stuff, hmm?? ;-)I know all about the tired, achy stuff, bless your bones, literally.Your own domain, huh? If I knew more about web mastering – maybe. Not right now though. Hope it all works out for you and I'm curious to see what Stephanie comes up with for your template this time. Are you staying with WordPress?Have a great weekend!Love and hugs,Diane

  2. Good to catch up with you once again! I've had allergy issues myself…I don't like the medicated feeling either!!I don't know the first thing about domains and such…I'm guessing you pay for it and then it is “your” site forever more??And that you are going to incorporate all of you stuff there??Just leave me a breadcrumb and I'll follow ya!!;)

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