I Knows How to Pick ‘Em!


There, this article proves once and for all that I have had excellent taste all of my life. As a teenager I didn’t go all swooning fan girly over just anybody, you know. While the other girls went ga-ga over the latest teen heartthrob, I had my sights set on someone a bit more mature, and with real prospects. Oh, and good looks, too, of course. A good brain really floats my boat, but nice gift wrapping doesn’t hurt in the least. 😉

And yup, he still makes my heart beat a little faster.

But did he really just turn 60 in late July? How the heck did that happen? Does this mean that I’m not 15 anymore? Oh woe …


3 thoughts on “I Knows How to Pick ‘Em!

  1. Oh wow, Brian is now 60??? Sheesh! How great is that, that he handed in his thesis after all these years!! lol It's funny you should post this because just this morning on the radio they had a bit of Queen trivia and I thought to myself, yup, Eleanor would know that! lol xox

  2. Right on, Diane, I knew that there was a reason why we hit if off so quickly! High fives for your stupendous taste! 🙂 I was really sad when Freddie died, too, but he had packed a lot of living into his life up to that point, and left quite a legacy. I saw him say a few times in interviews that he never wanted to grow old, so I guess he got his wish. But if had lived a normal lifespan, there's no way that he'd have done it like everyone else. If anyone was destined to age disgracefully, it was Freddie! :lol:Were there good prizes on offer for the trivia question, Pea? If so, dang, why didn't you let me know! 😉 And yeah, I think it's totally cool that Brian finished his thesis after all these years. He has to defend it yet, later this month, so fingers crossed that that step is successful and he comes out of it with the long coveted PhD. I get a bit ticked off when I read that it's a given, just because of his fame, as that's not the case at all. He's on the same footing as anyone else going into this, and he wouldn't have it any other way. If anything, he's worried that all of the publicity is going to make the “judging panel” especially hard on him.

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