All Systems Go

Wow, get an idea set in my husband’s head and watch him go! Besides flinging paint around like a mad man during his two weeks off from work, it’s now down to business with the list of things that we can’t do for ourselves around here. Which is quite a long list, as neither of us is the slightest bit talented when it comes to working with carpentry tools and such. But hey, we have lots of other redeeming qualities! Some of these jobs needed doing anyway, but they’re also part of the getting the place spruced up to sell plan. It’s an old house and we’ve been here for fifteen years, so things just need doing/redoing. Richard was all for accelerating the planned moving date by a year, but I think I’ve got him talked round to sticking with the two years hence plan. There’s a lot to do between now and then and I’m kind of useless at getting things done these days. In the old days I could have had us ready to move in a month, but it’s going to have to be a slow process this time. With the way the housing market is now, we could easily sell this place quickly without the planned improvements. But when we leave, we want to be totally proud of what we’re walking away from. And, of course, every bit of improvement bumps the price. Even now, it’s worlds away from how it was when we moved in, but further smallish investments on our part will make a big difference come selling time.

The first thing on the list was new shingles on the garage and porch. We queried the main part of the house, too, but the contractor said that it’s good for many years yet. Wow, you don’t get that kind of response from a contractor very often, do you?! Nice to know that there are still some honest guys out there. The porch was done last week, and they’re back doing the garage today. In theory, the porch should have been the smaller job, but we didn’t know that removing the old shingles would be akin to an archaeological dig. There were five shingle layers, of various vintage, between the ones we could see and the wood underneath! Of course, being me, I found it all quite fascinating. Not so much the men doing the work, but not everyone appreciates historical artifacts, I suppose. 🙂 The wood underneath was in surprisingly good shape for its 94 years. One little section had to be replaced, but that was it. They built things to last in those days! We were a bit worried about the garage roof as the shingles looked far worse on it. But I just stuck my head out and got the thumbs up from those working on the roof. The wood is totally pristine still, so that’s a relief. Oh, and there was only one layer of shingles to remove there, so the lads are happy.

In other news, the Canada Day weekend was pretty quiet around here. Rain and wind put a damper on things (no pun intended) for a while on Sunday evening, but it cleared off by dusk and the fireworks displays could go ahead. We just had a quiet weekend ourselves. The warmth and humidity were a bit much by our standards, not that we’re into celebrating with ginormous crowds anyway. The Youth World Cup football/soccer tournament got going this weekend, so that kept Richard entertained. I’m never at a loss for things to do to amuse myself, and Stephanie needed to keep a low profile as she’s trying to fight off a nasty virus. It started a week ago and shows no signs of letting go yet. Nobody wants a flu-like thingy at any time of year, but especially not in hot, humid July. Blech. But she did find the energy to make her delicious Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad for us. Well, it’s a found recipe, but she introduced us to it, so we’ll call it hers. A holiday weekend and salads just sort of go hand in hand, don’t they?

Now I should shoot off and try to get a few jobs done, I suppose. I’m having a reasonably good day today, so should be able to stroll through a few chores. I’m getting this pacing thing down, gradually, but it’s a slow process. I used to do things at a sprinter’s pace, so it’s hard to slow down to a leisurely stroll and stay there. But it makes all the difference to the fatigue level, as well as the aches and pains.

Oh, speaking of which, I finally got through to the specialist’s office today, after weeks of trying. His area of the hospital was undergoing some major renovations, so normal appointments weren’t being scheduled. I could have seen him in the emergency department if I wanted to, but my need isn’t that critical. I have to wait until the end of the month now, but no big deal. It’s just an appointment to reassess my medication and to work out a more definite treatment plan for the fibromyalgia. When the additional diagnosis was made a few months ago I wasn’t feeling well enough to go through a bunch of poking and prodding, or playing around with medications. Yes, you could argue that a new treatment plan might have made me feel better then, but my gut instinct was to leave well enough alone for the moment. As with the CFS fatigue, pacing helps lessen the fibro pain factor, and I’m learning a few other little tricks by trial and error. I agree now that I probably should try a medication to regulate my sleep, as in making sure that I go through the normal sleep stages at night. Luckily this doctor isn’t a pill pusher by nature, so I trust his judgement … after I’ve taken some time to think about it. 🙂 He’s convinced that the sleep stage bit is the most important thing for me, and once that’s sorted, everything else will improve. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and one last thing before I go, thanks for the comments to the previous posts. As usual, I’m a bit behind with responding, and with visiting, but I’ll make them the priority the next time I’m on the computer. Bye for now.


3 thoughts on “All Systems Go

  1. It was nice to catch up with your news, Eleanor.I feel your pain with your CFS and fibromyalgia. My arthritis is giving me fits lately, too. Hope you feel better and hopefully get your meds regulated so you get some relief. Too bad that you have to wait so long to see your doctor.Hope the rest of your week is great! :-)Love and hugs,Diane

  2. For the last 2 days we had so many thunderstorms, I had the computer shut off most of the time…it really cut into my blog visiting hours, grrrrr! lol Sounds like a lot of jobs are in the future to make sure the house will sell well….as you say, every little improvement can add to the price:-) Oh dear, poor Stephanine having a virus at this time of the year…NO fun! Hopefully she will recover soon and won't have passed it on to you or Richard! Take good care of yourself my friend:-) xoxo

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