Canada Day, Eh?



Happy 140th Birthday, Canada!


Why do we Canadians love our country? Well, for some of the many reasons, have a good look around The Seven Wonders of Canada site. Follow the links on the side bar to discover many more of the wonders of our beautiful country, and some of the things that give us our unique cultural identity.


And just for today, bloggers from other countries can make we Canadian bloggers feel special by punctuating the end of a sentence or two with “eh?” You know you want to. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Canada Day, Eh?

  1. Happy Canada Day my dear friend:-) Hope you're having a better day than we are….so cold and yucky over here! I went to buy groceries…that's been the excitement of my day! lol I was going to go to town to see some of the celebrations but with this kind of weather it's not much fun. Hopefully the fireworks will still go on tonight!! xoxo

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