Some Shots of My Little World

And I’m back. Did you miss me? ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, you don’t have to answer that. I’m not the sort to fish for compliments or validation. Well, not usually, anyway!

The absence this time wasn’t for the usual reason. Rather, we were without internet service for a few days. On Monday the garbage truck pulled the phone lines off our house while emptying the bins in the back lane. So, that meant no phone, no internet, and no TV until they finally got here to fix things yesterday. Guess I still have a cell phone for a reason! No doubt it appreciated being dragged out of my purse and put to actual use, for a change. I’m not much of a phone person in general, but even less so on my cell phone. The only reason I have one is because it was a freebie. Needless to say, it’s back in the purse now and goodness knows when I’ll pull it out again.

Anyhoo, it was all a fairly minor inconvenience, apart from a certain degree of internet withdrawal. I could easily live without a TV or phone, but the internet is an entirely different matter. Yes, I know, I was the one who said we didn’t need a computer way back when!! Of course I missed the blog thing, but I also felt really cut off from the world because I couldn’t get at news websites and such. I like to know what’s going on in my world every day, and the newspaper alone doesn’t quite cut it anymore. But I survived, and no doubt I will if I’m cut off for a few days again in future. ๐Ÿ™‚

I did have luck on my side on Monday, though. As you’ll have obviously noticed, I did a major scenery change around here. I really needed to put the fun back in blogging, and thought that a totally different kind of layout might do the trick. I have my moments of brilliance! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking back to when I was at my most prolific as a blogger, and it was when Stephanie had fun designs up for me. Which is not to say that I’ve gone off art and beauty, but for now I need the fun stuff to inspire me. I’ve also gone with a colour scheme that I have never, ever considered before. Much as I love greens and earth tones, they can get a bit dull after a while. And a white background was just not doing it for me at all. Sure, it was nice and clean to start with, but my eyes don’t seem to like a lot of white on a computer screen. Anyway, back to what I started to say, I had just hit the “save” button after doing the final bit of code tweaking when the internet disappeared on Monday. Timing or what?! Oh, and I have to brag ever so slightly and trumpet the fact that I designed the banner and did all of the CSS code changing ALL BY MYSELF. Ha, who says that an old dog can’t learn new tricks?! It’s all a bit like algebra, really. Get the basics of HTML down, and then you can go step by step into more difficult stuff, and have it make sense. But I do have to say a thank you to Stephanie for putting the very finishing touches on the banner. I had figured out how to do it, but it would have involved a lot of back and forth stuff with editing. She knew exactly how to merge the images seamlessly and make them look like one, with a few quick clicks of the mouse. I’ll get there myself eventually, but she’s very handy to have around in the meantime!

Now enough of all of that and on with the photos here. My roses have been in bloom for the past few days, and I thought that I had better get some shots before they start to fade. They do bloom for a while, but not with the profusion that they have at present. While I was out there I thought that I might as well take a few other shots to show you more of where I live. I risked life and limb to get all of these, so I do hope that you appreciate the effort! A few are a bit blurry because the wind was really getting up with a nasty storm brewing, and I was also doing my best to not get carried away by swarms of mosquitoes. Doing the dance of a thousand slaps while trying to take photos doesn’t necessarily produce the best results!

So, here we go:

First off, a shot of the gathering storm clouds, as seen looking up between our mighty maples.

The next shot is totally out of sequence, but it’s just to show that storms aren’t all bad. Or at least what appears when the storm is moving off is rather lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

And look who’s back! After all of my snarling about him in the past, I really, really missed him when he disappeared for about a month. Don’t know where he went during that time, but I got all teary when I saw him back in our yard. Sheesh, he had become a pet and I didn’t even realize it! Now if only I could get the resident rabbit to disappear for the rest of the summer. I definitely don’t like him, especially when he’s making a meal of my petunias! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hence no photos of Br’er Rabbit. He’s just not that fascinating, thanks.

This is my Morden Centennial rose. Er, one of them, as I have two. It’s lovely in its own right, but it’s rather special to my family as my great-uncle (married to my maternal grandmother’s sister)ย  developed this rose while working at the provincial research station in Morden. A grandparent of this one was a wild rose from my grandparents’ pasture, which was crossed with a tea rose to produce the first in the Parkland Series. And on it went from there, with many species developed from that first one and its descendents. The Parklands were specifically developed for this climate, and are hardy as can be. Just another note about Uncle Henry, he was Dr. Marshall eventually, which everyone assumed was indicative of PhD in Botany. Well, it was an honourary doctorate only, as he was entirely self-taught. Cool, eh? Unfortunately he’d not get far in modern times where pieces of paper are more important than natural gifts, but luckily he’s not starting out now. He died a few years ago, and left a legacy of many rose species, Monarda species, chrysanthemums, a prairie hardy tomato, and numerous other contributions to the gardening and agricultural world.

This is another of Uncle Henry’s roses – Adelaide Hoodless. I have four of these in various locations around the yard. It’s kind of cool as the colour varies, depending on weather conditions each year. This year it’s quite red, but other years it has been a deep cherry pink, and every imaginable shade in between.

A shot of part of the front yard. I was going to cross the street and give you the full view, but the mosquitoes were really nasty by this point, and the long grass across the street definitely wasn’t where I wanted to stand. We have a very lazy neighbour over there who doesn’t believe in overworking his lawnmower or snow shovel.

Part of the backyard. Note that gleaming, newly painted garage! Richard has been on holidays for the past ten days, and has been working his little fingers to the bone on painting projects around here. My hero! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s amazing how a plan to move in the next couple of years has got him going at projects he had no interest in over the past couple of years! I think he’s planning to bump up the moving date significantly, but we’ll have to see. A lot of the sorting and dejunking indoors has to be done by yours truly, and it’s going to be a slow project with my current energy levels. But no doubt I’ll gather steam come autumn when the hot weather is gone. That has been what has been making me feel especially tired and brain dead in recent weeks. The heat is one thing, but once the humidity starts to soar, I’m done. Even with an air-conditioned house. I refuse to be a prisoner indoors, even though it would help energy levels. But summer is short around here and I can’t just look at it out a window, can I?!

The other side of the backyard.

And in a bit more detail.

This poppy was in the backyard, but it’s done for the year now. It’s gorgeous, with blooms the size of bread and butter plates. But, alas, they only last for a couple of days.

Okay, that’s the end of the tour. Aren’t you impressed with the fact that I’m remembering to get the camera out now and then now? Well, even if you’re not, I am! ๐Ÿ™‚ It just never used to occur to me to take photos until I went digital, but I’m getting the bug now.

Right, that’s enough for this evening, I think, so I’ll toddle off now. Oh, I’ve caught up with the comments, so if you’ve said something in the past while, look for the response. Little by little I’m getting organized and caught up again!

P.S. Right click on the images, if you want to enlarge them. Something went a bit wonky when I was uploading the pics, so normal clicking won’t do the trick. Sorry!


4 thoughts on “Some Shots of My Little World

  1. If I hadn't already read most of this post in my Bloglines I would have been a bit confused when this new template popped up! Owls, hmm? I really do like the color scheme, Eleanor.I really do appreciate that you fought the heat and mosquitoes, not to mention braved the storm to take the pictures. We have more than our fair share of mosquitoes here in Arkansas as well.You have some lovely flowers, especially the roses. And your squirrel is cute. I'm glad he came home.Boy, I'm with you on the heat and humidity. It's been miserable here for several weeks now with no real relief in sight. Part of living in the South, I suppose.I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Eleanor. :-)Love and hugs,Diane

  2. I wasn't sure about the colours at first, Diane, as they're so different from anything I've ever had before. I certainly did a double take the first few times I came back! ๐Ÿ™‚ But yup, I like 'em now. They're “happy” colours, and they've really made a difference. The CFS brain fog does make blogging a lot harder than it used to be, but I think I had also hit a bit of a wall after five and a half years at this. So, I needed to do something really different to get the juices flowing again. As for the owls, I love birds of any kind, but owls are a favourite, right after chickadees and penguins. Besides which, those big eyeballs sort of go with the “Peering Through the Mist” bit, don't you think? There's some serious peering going on there! :lol:Mosquitoes are the worst things about our summers. Even worse than heat, I think. But we'll soon be rid of this batch, as the city is going to start a fogging campaign this weekend. Our area is the most infested right now, so they're starting with us. Woo hoo! Not that I love chemicals in my environment, but it beats contracting West Nile Virus, and just the general discomfort that the little beasts cause.I know that I don't need to tell you about heat and humidity. I don't know how you folks in the South stand it! Our summers are short, and the temperature usually bounces around a bit during the hot months, but we still get more heat than I like. I guess I don't need to tell you about summer storms, either. This one just sort of brushed by us and we only got the edge of it. Folks a bit south had to deal with tornadoes, hail and the like. Our tornadoes aren't as powerful as the ones you get in your part of the world, thank God, but any tornado is a scary thing. Never been near one personally thus far, and I hope it stays that way!Have a smashing weekend yourself, okay? :)Mega hugs back at ya!

  3. I love the whimsical look of your blog…but then I've admired every design you and Stephanie come up with!I especially love the color combo to this one!I used to think I had a semi green thumb…I think it is getting to be a muddy yellow now…or at least my plants are :(Yours are very pretty!:)

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