Some Garden Pics

My favourite iris.

A columbine that was a complete surprise this year. Don’t remember planting any columbine seeds in that spot, or anywhere in the past few years! Looks like I forgot to prune the shrub behind it when I did all of the others this spring. Oops! The shears came out after I took this photo. 🙂

One end of the vegetable garden. It’s always a thrill when the rows start to become visible. There are a few more rows of small stuff to the right of the section shown in the photo. Then come the potatoes, cucumbers, several tomato plants, and all of the onions.


3 thoughts on “Some Garden Pics

  1. We only just planted the potatoes this past Saturday…the rest of the garden won't be planted until next week. Can you believe it, tomorrow they're forecasting snow flurries! UGH! From being so hot and humid to snow…sheesh! That iris is just gorgeous and the columbines are so pretty also!! xoxo

  2. Oh, EB, you really are a kindred spirit. Whacking away is SUCH good therapy, as are numerous other gardening activities. When I'm in a real temper, every weed has a face, and it feels so good to yank them out by the roots!! Hehe.The weather really is changeable this year, Pea. Hopefully it settles down soon in both our parts of the country! Our whole garden is up and thriving now, though, even with the recent cold spell. Now it's the opposite and we're sweating buckets today. Sheesh!

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