Alrighty, here we go with another new start. I’ll try to make this the last one for a while, promise! When I told Stephanie what I was doing, she gave me the expected “I told you so” response, which I richly deserved. She was horrified when I went back to Blogger, given our problems with it in the past, and kept telling me that I’d regret it.   It just doesn’t seem to like us, for some unknown reason.  But did I listen? No. But I wouldn’t say that it was an entire waste of time. Being back over there helped me conquer my fear of HTML, and I learned a lot. Of course it’s all useless over here as the coding language is different, but hey, I’m up for a new challenge! Just not yet, though. Until I find my way around properly, I’m sticking with a stock theme.

This theme jumped out at me anyway when I scrolled through the options, but it’s particularly meaningful, given the name I’ve chosen. Or maybe it influenced my thoughts on a name. Either way, the name really fits as it has real meaning. And no, Stephanie, I’m not going all emo and dramatic. As if! She got the connection to the present right away, which is partly why I chose it, but if I wanted to be dramatic, it would have been something like ‘Lost in the Mist”. I’m not lost, and never have been. Certainly the brain fog is an ever present entity for anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the world isn’t obscured in the fog. I can still see through the mists, but sometimes I have to do some serious peering!

But all of that aside, there’s a metaphorical meaning to the name, too. I won’t get into that in detail as it would take days to properly explain it. So, the very abbreviated version is that I’ve always been a square peg, trying to find my own meaning and my own path, rather than just going along with what everyone else thinks and does, or what they think I should do. That path can be very obscured sometimes, and I’ve often lost it in the mist of voices and influences that surround each of us every day. But I keep peering ahead, and eventually I find it again.

Also, the title is a reference to the mists of time. I’m sure that everyone knows about my obsession with history by now. I’m forever peering back through the ages, pushing the mists aside to get to the nitty gritty of a bygone time. Facts and figures alone don’t do it for me. I really need to feel how people lived.

And finally, the title is also a reference to the future. I don’t obsess about the future, as that spoils the enjoyment of today. But I often catch myself trying to peer ahead, for a glimpse of what lies beyond the here and now. Not in the sense that I need to know the future, but aren’t we all at least a bit curious about what adventures lie ahead? I don’t have a life plan, as there have been too many twists and turns in the story thus far to believe that I’m totally in control of my own destiny. So, even though I can’t see through the mist shrouding the future, I’ll never stop trying to peer through it, in anticipation of the next twist in the road. Postive twists are always better, of course, but I have yet to encounter a negative one that didn’t change my life for the better in some way. So, I have no sense of dread about what might lie ahead, just anticipation.

Alrighty, enough of the deep thoughts, and on to something much more simple and basic. Like a warm welcome to everyone who follows me over here to my new digs. It’s quite a bit different from Blogger, but I’m liking it and I hope that you’ll feel comfortable here, too. My set up is pretty basic right now as I wanted to get this up and running as quickly as possible. Over time I’ll add more bits and pieces to the side bar and also my profile page, but there’s enough here now to make this feel like my home. I even like the stark whiteness of this theme, believe it or not. I love colour, obviously, but starting fresh on a clean white page is rather like opening a new notebook. Remember that feeling from the first day of a school year? Or, for those of you who keep a paper journal, isn’t there always a feeling of adventure and a new beginning when your pen hovers over the first clean, white page of a new book?

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps I needed something “stark” to rejuvenate the writing juices. I’ve never dealt well with clutter, as I’ve always been prone to sensory overload. Even more so now, since the onset of the CFS. I’m especially hypersensitive to stimuli of any kind now, and the brain automatically starts to shut down at the first sign of overload. Perhaps it’s also a throwback to my school days when I was obsessive about keeping my notebooks neat. The teachers thought I did it for their sake, but nope, it was mainly for mine. But don’t tell them, okay?!

Oops, I’m rambling again, so I’ll definitely leave all of the why’s and wherefore’s there. All that matters is that this feels good, whatever the reasons!

So, again, a very warm welcome to everyone who has followed me over here, and also a big thank you for doing the following yet again. I’m getting as tired of moving as you might be of following, so I do hereby solemnly swear that I’m staying put this time. Well, for the foreseeable future, anyway! 😉


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ahhhh, I love the smell of a brand new home:-) Love the title my friend and I can see why you chose it. I do hope you're happy over here and that it all runs smoothly for you…I've never known anything but Blogger but then I haven't had any problems with it so I guess I should count myself lucky! lol Hope you're having a great weekend!! xoxo

  2. Glad you left me a crumb so's I could find ya;-)I've often thought of moving here myself as Blogger is such a headache at times…but I think I've moved enough for now…

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