Well, that was weird. I came back to see if there was any action over here and noticed that my photos had disappeared on the previous post. Refreshing brought me back, but not Richard. I reposted Richard’s photo, but the line where it used to be is still there, so no doubt it will show up twice later on!! Just when I thought the things I used to dislike about Blogger had been ironed out. Mutter mutter. I have very little patience left for misbehaving blogging platforms, so won’t hesitate to move again if things continue in this vein. Maybe there’s a reason why I’ve been playing a bit at a new place, after someone suggested that I really should move there. We shall see …

Of course it could just be a problem with this template. It’s a “found” template, and not one that Stephanie or I came up with. It was originally done in css coding for WordPress, so perhaps the person who modified it for Blogger didn’t get the coding quite right. There have been a few glitches since I started using it, so I’m getting suspicious. It’s so beautiful that I hate to part with it, but if it’s not going to work right, what’s the point in keeping it? So, if you see some weird stuff happening here in the next few days, it’s just me fiddling again! 🙂

Now I should get off here and try to get at least the kitchen tidied up before Richard gets home from work. Normally he’d be home already, but he had a couple of stops to make after work. He’s picking up my bedding plants for me, for one thing. Normally I buy them mid-May or so, but I’ve just been too tired to even think of going out. I’m really picky about plants, and it’s my way or no way with this one thing! 🙂 But, this time around it’s all up to Richard, out of necessity. And no, I won’t throw a fit if he comes home with the wrong stuff! Or at least I’ll try not to. 🙂 I gave him a list of plant species, but left the colours up to him. Now that’s bravery, believe me!! He always likes what I’ve chosen once it’s growing, but there have been several differences of opinion at garden centres when the choosing has been taking place!! We like the same plants, more or less, but our colour preferences, and our ideas of what colours look nice together, are worlds apart! Things happen for a reason most of the time, though, so perhaps I’ll end up thoroughly humbled when the beds are filled with his selections this year. I cringed when Stephanie put mostly whites in her flower bed last year, as I’m more of a bright colour person. But her spot was absolutely beautiful, and I had to openly admit that my initial misgivings were totally wrong. I think that my preferences just come from what I’ve always known. Dad grew certain flowers, and of course they became my favourites because they were so familiar. I experiment with new things every year, of course, but the old favourites are definitely the main occupants. It’s a comfort thing, you know. 🙂

Anyhoo, enough of this. My kitchen faerie hasn’t turned up, as hoped, so off I go. Where are those darned faeries when you need them most?!


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