Long Time No See!

Well, look who crawled out of her hole in the ground. Cute little devil, aren’t I?! Okay, nobody’s going to fall for that one, but meerkats are among the cutest creatures roaming the earth, and any excuse to post a picture will do.

I’m still pretty zonked, but am perking up some, ever so slowly. Wow, the metaphorical bus really hit me this time. No doubt I at least partly brought it on by trying to be “normal” for a little while, but this is a much bigger crash than I usually get by overdoing it for a few days. So, I guess that things have just changed a bit in general. The only predictable thing about this condition is its unpredictability. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, and know how to handle it reasonably well, it decides to implement an entirely new rule book. I’m a pretty adaptable creature by nature, but total unpredictability just really doesn’t do it for me.

Anyway, enough of all of that. It is what it is, and I won’t bore you with a long, drawn out tale about the miseries associated with it. Living with it is enough, and I don’t feel like talking about it ad nauseum. But, just in case you don’t know much about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and are interested in finding out some facts, this website explains the basics quite well. I have all of the symptoms listed, except for the weight loss. Typical. Actually, I did lose quite a bit of weight the first year, come to think of it, but going on an anti-depressant soon flipped things the other way. Hmph.

On to more interesting things now, I owe Early Bird a rather belated thank you for the lovely package that arrived on Friday of last week. I’m not ungrateful, I was just too darned tired to acknowledge her thoughtfulness until now. So, thank you SO much, EB! Wow, do you know how to choose perfect surprises!! I LOVED the ornament and puzzle book, and Stephanie was really blown away by the chocolates and magazine for her. She didn’t expect any kind of payment whatsoever for the banner, so what you sent wasn’t necessary. But she sends a huge thank you for your thoughtfulness! “Merci”chocolates – how appropriate! And man, are they delish! 🙂

I didn’t take a photo of all of the package contents, but I did get a shot of the ornament. It’s just so pretty and is going to look fantastic on a flower container of some kind. But, until it warms up enough for planting flowers in containers, I thought that an eye level limb on the apple tree would be a perfect spot for my new butterfly. Anyone else agree? 🙂 Actually, it looks so at home there that I might just leave it there for the rest of the summer.

Thanks again, EB, you’re a star!

While I’m doing the photo thing here, I’ll post a new one of myself, since some of you asked so nicely. 🙂 I think that this is probably the first “no makeup, hair not fussed with” photo I’ve ever posted, or allowed to be viewed publicly in many years. Yikes, the standards are slipping!! But let’s face it, when getting up, getting dressed, washing the face and brushing the teeth are major accomplishments some days, one tends to lose one’s perfectionist tendancies. I was going to wait and get a better photo when I feel less dragged out, but who knows when that will be? And when did I acquire my dad’s lop-sided grin?! I’ve never noticed that in a photo before. It’s kinda cool, actually! 🙂

And finally, here’s a brand new photo of my Mister. Photos of me are rare, but photos of him are true collector’s items! I ambushed him the other evening, when he was relaxing on the deck after supper. As usual he cringed when he saw the photo, and told me not to post it here as everyone would be horrified at the sight of the “old man” I’m married to. Oh, pfft to that, Richard. I’m sure that everyone knows by now that I’m married to a much older man, and if anyone has a problem with it, tough! We’re happy, and that’s all that matters. What made me cringe was the beautiful broom appearing in the shot. I keep putting it in the garage as it’s our snow brushing broom, but “somebody” keeps bringing it back out, and putting it where I don’t want to see it. Men! Just no aesthetic sense whatsoever! 🙂

‘Nighty night, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Long Time No See!

  1. Ooooh sexy legs there, Richard! hehe Gosh, I don't know when's the last time I ever saw a picture of him…I think it was your wedding pictures!!! And I love the new one of you…you have such beautiful colouring, you don't need any makeup!! I'm sorry to hear that you crashed so hard this time…just know that I think of you often! Such a wonderful parcel you received for EB…where is my piece of the chocolate??? Hmmmpfffff! hehe xoxo

  2. We have the exact same haircut you and I!! Kindred spirits!!!!You look better without makeup than I do…I have blonde brows and lashes and my eyes just disapear without any enhancements…I'm so glad you liked the gifts…ya'll are the best!! 🙂

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