Still Here!

Hi Everybody!

Just a quickie here to let you know that I’m still alive. You know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Well, my blog plans for last weekend, and just about everything else for the past week, went straight out the window.

I won’t bore you with the details, but this has been one of those “head spinning in all directions” kind of weeks. Every phone call, knock on the door, e-mail, etc, seemed to bring some new bit of bad news, or somebody needing support through a crisis. Most has blown over already, or hopefully will soon. With the exception of Richard losing a long-time friend, of course. That was a shock, as said friend had never been ill a day in his life. Being an ocean away doesn’t help, either. But such is life, unfortunately. This kind of thing is becoming more frequent as family and friends get further up in years, and the distance is felt each time.

It has been a crazy week for weather, too. Cool at the start, then blazing hot midweek, with a high of 31C. on Wednesday. Ick. Now it’s cool again, with an expected high of 15 today. Perfect gardening weather, really, for those of us who don’t tolerate heat well, so I’m off out to plant my sweet pea seeds and finish digging out some weeds. Richard is off today and is itching to get the rest of the vegetable seeds planted, so no doubt they’ll be in the ground by the end of the day, too.

But first some lunch, so I don’t keel over in the middle of the garden! Hopefully I’ll get back later to post the photos and other stuff that I promised a week ago. “Hopefully” being the operative word there, of course!


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