And the Winner Is …

There were no more entries to my “make me laugh” contest post from early in the month, so I assume that all who wanted to enter have done so. Thus, I made the draw for the prize this morning. And the winner is … drumroll, please … Yorkshire Soul. Congrats, YS, and a big thank you to everyone else who sent me a joke. They all made me laugh, and were a great distraction from my mouth troubles at the time! 🙂

Speaking of Yorkshire Soul, I’ve just finished reading a book that he recommended, and owe him a note of gratitude for pointing me in its direction. I started the book when I was sitting in the waiting room of the emergency department at the hospital, waiting to see a doctor about the raging infection in my mouth, and it was a great way to fill the time and distract me from the pain. I then left the rest of the book until I could enjoy it properly, and finished it last night. It’s a very fast read, and thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. I have the second in the series on hand, too, and will be starting on it tonight. There are several more, and the author continues to churn them out, so I’ll continue to enjoy the delightful company of Precious for quite some time yet. Assuming, of course, that the family pays attention to my Amazon wish list. 😉

Which reminds me, something that has been on my wish list for a long time will be in my hot little hands very soon. Man, I love Airmiles! Cashing some in a few months ago resulted in a fab camera for Stephanie, which made me seriously lust after one of my own. I was going to start saving up for one, or see if maybe I rated one for a combo Christmas and birthday present at the end of the year. But then I had a look at our Airmiles total the other day and the wheels started turning. I checked out the cameras on offer, got Stephanie to help me narrow the list to one that would be ideal for an amateur, but with capabilities for doing interesting things as I hone my skills, and this baby’s mine! I don’t think I’ve ever treated myself to any kind of major purchase, solely for my own use, so this is kind of cool. About time, right?!

In other news, our Premier called a provincial election at the end of last week, so the requisite exchanges of hot air have begun. He and his government have done an okay job over their two terms, and I don’t see anything about the opposition choices to excite me in the slightest. So, I guess I’ll be happy to see things stay as they are in a month’s time. I really can’t see one of the other parties winning, but stranger things have happened, I’m sure. A third consecutive term will be a first for any provincial party, I think. The enumerator was just at the door, so we’re officially able to X our ballots when the day comes.

Signs of spring are popping up all over, after a week of fantastic weather. It has cooled down to a more seasonal 12 degrees today, but we were slightly on either side of 20 degrees for a few days there. The trees are ready to burst into leaf any day now, the spring bulbs are growing nicely, the grass has really greened up, and the local wildlife is very active indeed. Thanks to the absence of crows and other predators this spring, we have a real menagerie frequenting our backyard. I have yet to spot a robin in our yard, the true harbinger of spring, but Richard has seen a couple, and I’ve heard loads off in the distance.

Speaking of spring stuff, I need to get outside and do my first planting of the season. I picked up a pack of three assorted hostas when I was out yesterday, and they’ll be a lot better off in the ground than in the plastic bag they came in. They should be enough to fill the remaining gaps in my front, north-facing flowerbed. Add some impatiens and pansies for colour, and voila, pretty, but low maintenance. Low maintenance is my mantra this year, and I’ll be making changes here and there to take a lot of the work out of my gardening efforts. I refused to give in to the lower energy levels the previous two summers, but common sense kicks in for all of us eventually. I have one flower bed that I’ve fought with for fifteen years, so this year I’m doing away with the fussy stuff and planting flowering shrubs and rose bushes there instead. Everything I’ve tried to grow there hates the soil, apart from the shrub and rose bush at either end of the bed. So, maybe I should take the hint, right?!


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