More Local Wildlife

Stephanie was busy with her camera again yesterday. This time she chose subjects that are slightly more attractive than flies! The sparrow species above is as common as flies around here, but they make for entertainment at the bird feeder.

Now we’re talking special here, with this little junco. It’s Stephanie’s favourite songbird.

And here’s a shot of the same little guy, posing for her. Or getting miffed at the clicks of the camera and telling her to get lost, in no uncertain terms. 😉

This beauty stopped by to drink some of the maple tree sap, which had been dripping onto this patch of soil for a couple of days. I was amazed when I saw the closeup, as it just looked like a black and white butterfly when it flew by me on the deck.

If any of you are madly in love with backyard birds, I have a place that you might like to visit. Stephanie and one of her friends started up a songbird community over at LiveJournal a few months ago, and kindly invited me to be co-administrator of the project with them. It’s getting quite a few members now, which is lovely. But you don’t have to be a member to view the site. Stephanie added lots more photos over there yesterday, and also put up a couple of junco videos, which are oh so cute. She didn’t capture them “chatting”, unfortunately, but she did at least get them in action. There are some fantastic recent contributions by others there, too, like a cardinal video which I loved. I’ve never seen or heard one in the wild, so it was great that somebody shared the video.

It’s my mom’s birthday today, so I’m off to make a phone call. It’s a strange and difficult relationship with her, but hey, it’s her special day and I won’t ignore it.


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