Mother Nature Smiled On Us

What an amazing weekend it was in this part of the world. Brilliant blue sky, golden sunshine, temperatures in the high teens (Celsius) and a reawakening of all life forms.

The shot above is looking up at the beautiful, cloudless sky through one of our ancient maples in the back yard. This was taken on Saturday, and now, two days later, there are visible leaf buds on our old friend.

Welcome back, beautiful sun. I know that you never totally desert us, but I like it when you’re close enough to warm us with your rays.

A currant bush and a wee bit of my vegetable garden. In a few weeks this bleak scene will look ever so different.

Just thought I’d share a photo of a local wildlife species, which has just come out of hibernation. It’s very rare, I’m told, so no doubt the rest of you will have never seen one. šŸ˜‰ Trust Stephanie to turn a house fly into a rather interesting photo subject. Amazing what a zoom lens will do for a wee twiglet and a tiny seed, too.

No points for guessing where I spent a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday. The lawn chairs are back on the deck, and our “coffee on the deck after Richard gets home from work” ritual has begun. It’s a bit cool for our evening on the deck ritual yet, but one of these days …

Not all of my time was spent outside, though. Thanks to the invigourating rays of the sun, I had the brain power to tackle the income tax forms properly and get them done. The end result was a lot more positive than the rough run through, I’m happy to say, and I got the total owing down by just over a third. There were still some whimpers when I wrote out the cheque to send in with the forms, but no body-wracking sobs. Our new furniture and flooring will just have to be put off for a bit, but we’ll get them eventually!

I also unearthed my writing desk yet again, got the rest of the April birthday cards and notes ready to go, balanced all of the household books, and so on. It’s nice to have a feeling of accomplishment once in a while. Next up is a good spring cleaning, done in steps, but not today. I’m finally getting the knack of this pacing concept, I think, and have learned to put the brakes on. Mostly. A few loads of laundry is enough for today.

Speaking of which, I have clothes flapping on the clothesline for the first time this year and yes, it’s thrilling. Even for one who finds most domestic chores mind-numbingly boring. I guess it’s something to do with the country girl, still very much alive and well within me. I get an equal thrill from seeing jars of freshly made preserves lined up on my kitchen table. Richard thinks I’m mad for going to all of that extra work, especially given my low energy reserves in recent years. But it’s one of the few housewifey things that I truly enjoy and something that I absolutely must do. Besides which, I don’t see him complaining when he tucks into the contents of those jars!

Right, the sunshine beckons again, so I’m off outside for more puttering about. Hope the sun is shining in each of your little corners of the world, too!


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