Sunny Days Again

Right, things are getting back to normal around here, so on with the business of life as usual again. My visit to the dentist today should be the last in relation to the infected tooth socket, so woo hoo to that. Things are healing nicely and he figures that they should proceed in that direction without any more fiddling around and packing. What a relief. Not that the every other day procedure was all that unpleasant, but the trips over there were becoming a tad exhausting. It all caught up to me last night and I crashed in a big way. I have to go back for a cleaning next week, but have a whole week in which to recover between now and then. Phew! The site is still pretty sore, but nothing like it was. Standard ibuprofen keeps the pain under control for several hours at a time now, so my codeine trips are over and done with. I didn’t actually hit an outer galaxy, but I did a fair bit of travelling in my dreams nonetheless. Some of you featured in the dreams, believe it or not! I have no idea why I travelled to or with some of you, but thanks for the company and/or the hospitality! 🙂

Spring is here in a big way now, and it was so nice to just slip on a cardigan over my t-shirt when I went out today, rather than the standard winter regalia. The temperature is going to steadily climb all week, with highs of around 17 C. on the weekend. I see some puttering in the garden in my immediate future! 🙂

Yesterday was Richard’s birthday, so of course we gave him the spoiling which he so richly deserves. Not as much spoiling as originally planned, but enough to make him feel rather special, I think. 🙂 I offered to take him out to his favourite restaurant for a meal, but he insisted that we wait until I can tuck into one with equal enjoyment. Oh, if anyone has a craving for rich, creamy things, please come over and help yourself. We had a cake for him, as well as a trifle, and someone he works with presented him with a whole cake to bring home. That’s a heck of a lot of rich, creamy stuff for three people! Well, two people, actually, as I don’t dare go near rich, creamy stuff until I’m finished the antibiotic. And I’m not explaining that in detail in mixed company, thank you. 😉

Richard hasn’t been the only one to get surprises in the past few days. Stephanie had a chance encounter with her favourite teacher the other day, which really, really made her week. Like all of us, she assumed that he’d have forgotten her the minute she left school, but not so. Far from it, actually. I know how she felt because it was the same way for me when I met up with my favourite teacher a few years after I graduated. It means the world to know that someone besides family cares that much, and believes in you that much, even long after you’ve sat in his classroom for the last time.

Today it was my turn for the “we still remember you and care” experience. Well, Richard, too, but I’m the one who took the message from our long ago place of employment. The facility is having a 35th anniversary celebration and they tracked us down to invite us. How cool is that? We left there over sixteen years ago, so I figured that we were very, very distant memories by this point, if we were even remembered at all. But those on the organizing committee knew us way back when and made a point of finding us to invite us, as they and others would love to see us again. Things were pretty negative leading up to my leaving, but that was such a minor part of my long employment there. I really did enjoy working there, apart from the last couple of months, and still miss it to a certain degree. As does Richard. Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to go as it’s fairly short notice, a mid-week occasion, and Richard can’t get time off work for it. I’m probably not fit for the travel involved, either, although I’d make the supreme effort if Richard could get time off. But it was great to be invited, and so warmly, too. 🙂

Okay, that’s the story for this time, I think, so I’ll call it a night here. I was going to go through all of the comments and respond to them individually, but I think it’s better if I just start fresh again with this post. There’s just too much catching up to do at this point, and I want to get some visiting in tonight, if I can. I do thank each of you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, though. They matter, believe me! A special thank you to the new commenters. 🙂

‘Nighty night, and sweet dreams!


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