Up for a Contest, Folks?

Alrighty, this has to be sort of a quickie today as I have to head back to see the dentist this afternoon. For somebody who has hardly been out of the house for the past several months, all of this activity in the past five days is something of a shock to the system. Funny how pain can override fatigue!

Anyhoo, the mouth thing is becoming rather tedious, so how about you all help me shift my thoughts to much more pleasant things? How, you ask? Well, I love a good laugh and haven’t had one for several days, so I thought I’d run a little contest here, starting today and ending, oh, let’s say at the end of the month. Some don’t have time to visit frequently, so I want to give everyone a chance at this. All that you have to do is send me a good joke. By good, I don’t necessarily mean intellectual or of the highest quality, just one that makes me laugh out loud. Seriously laugh out loud, that is, not just smirk or groan. 🙂 It doesn’t matter if it’s corny or clever, just make me laugh!

The sender of every joke will be entered in a draw for a prize. A real prize, that is, as in one that you can hold in your hand and admire. Canada Post and I know no borders, so it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Make me laugh, and I’ll happily pay the postage to anywhere on the globe. I can’t give specifics about the prize, as I’ll choose something after the fact, based on the individual tastes of the winner. “Generic” prizes are all well and good, but I always go for the personal touch when giving something away.

So, how about it, dear friends and readers? The mouth is twitching, just waiting for the corners to seriously turn up, so bring it on! Leave your joke in the comments, or e-mail me (addy on my profile page) – the choice is yours.


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