What an eventful day it has been thus far, and it’s still only morning. It started off with a surprise of the not so pleasant kind, but that has been more than offset by a surprise of the wonderful kind!

First off the tooth saga continues. Bah. 😦 I got the heavy duty ammunition for the tooth pain yesterday and figured that I was all set for my galaxy travels. Ha! In my dreams. Not a whee to be had. Not even a teeny, tiny little whoo. All that I got was a major pfffffft, with repeat raspberries aimed in my general direction every four hours thereafter. This is Codeine, for pity’s sake, so what gives? Okay, fine, I can live without the trip, but how about a bit of pain relief somewhere along the way?!

By 5:00 this morning I was seriously climbing the walls, by which time I also looked like half a chipmunk. Hmm. Of course dentists take Good Friday off, but psychiatric nurses don’t. So, I got my dear hubby to drop me off at the hospital emergency room on his way to work. The darling man even went in an hour early, just so that I didn’t have to leave any more foot prints on the walls here at home. Muah, muah, you’re a total gem, Richard!

Four hours later, after being entertained by an interesting cross-section of society in the waiting room, and in other cubicles within the emergency department, I was was on my way home again, with antibiotic prescription in hand, and some advice about how to cope with the pain. Which has worked an absolute treat and I finally have some blessed relief for the first time since Wednesday afternoon. Double up the Codeine with an Advil capsule, and voila, magic! You have no idea how magical, believe me!

Once again, I have to give the emergency room staff at our local hospital absolute rave reviews. Time and again I hear nasty comments about the care there and I just don’t get it. Either we’re unusually lucky or we’re a lot easier to please than most folk. Seriously, between the three of us we’ve been there a few times over the years and it has always been five-star treatment. Great nurses, fabulously kind doctors, and so on. Oh wait, I suppose that there was one less than pleasant experience for Stephanie, but that was down to miscommunication. Once I spoke to the doctor on her behalf everything was hunky dorey, and the experience ended on a positive note.

Having been a nurse myself once upon a time, I know what it’s like to be on the front lines, so to speak. But emergency room nursing is a very, very special field indeed. Just what went through there in the time that I was waiting had me shaking my head, wondering how they do it day after day. Dealing with belligerant drunks and people totally stoned out of their minds was just the tip of the iceberg. Then, of course, there are those who turn up with quite minor complaints, who shout the roof down when they aren’t served immediately. Listen, pal, I’m sitting here in absolute agony with a throbbing, infected hole in my mouth and I’m willing to wait until there’s a space between more critical cases. I don’t think it will kill you to sit there for a couple of hours, nursing a sprained thumb! To add to the staff woes, the emergency room is undergoing a multi-million dollar refurbishment and expansion, evidence of which was a relentless jackhammer this morning, doing its thing on the other side of the cubicle from where I was sitting. Like that isn’t hard on the nerves, with a throbbing mouth. But I don’t have to listen to it all day, every day, do I? They’d be carrying me out in a straight jacket by the end of the first week!!

Now I’m going to take advantage of this utterly blissful, temporarily pain-free state and try to get a couple of hours of sleep. I didn’t sleep at all last night, and very little the previous night, so I feel like the walking dead.

But before I go, I must say a huge thank you to Early Bird for the surprise over at her blog this morning. That totally made my day and I’m still blushing with pleasure. πŸ™‚ I’ll pay it forward another day, when I can think a little straighter. Also, I want to extend a very warm welcome to the new visitors and commentors who have made their way here from her place. I’m really pleased to “meet” all of you, and feel kind of badly that I’m not feeling up to showing you some proper hospitality. But I’ll make it up to you another time … if you’re brave enough to come back. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your Good Friday, everyone, whatever its special meaning for you.


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