I need to write a post about inspiration, but my mind’s a blank.

You’re thinking too hard.

No, I said that my mind’s a blank. I’m not thinking hard enough.

It’s not blank, it’s too full of clutter to let the voice of your muse be heard.

What muse? I used to feel one, but I don’t anymore. There was a time when I wrote effortlessly. All that I had to do was sit down at the computer, open the posting screen, and the words just flowed onto my blog. But that disappeared when the CFS struck, and I’m still struggling with it.

No, it didn’t disappear. Your muse is still there, you just can’t hear her because you’re working too hard, trying to see through the fog. She’ll come to you, don’t worry, but she’s temperamental and doesn’t like to be chased. The harder you try to find her in the fog, the more she’ll hide herself in it.

But how do I hear her voice, when she does come to me? I seem to have forgotten how in the past couple of years.

Remember when your high school English teacher told you that you were a natural writer, but you sabotaged yourself by thinking too hard? You were so worried about getting things exactly right, and about people judging your writing, that you blocked your natural flow of thoughts and words. What did he tell you to do?

Close my eyes, shut down conscious thought, and let my pen wander across the paper at will. Write from my heart, not my head, and make it “real”, not simply what I think others might want to read.

Well? You know how to touch type, so close your eyes and let your muse guide your fingers.

But I’ve forgotten how to close down all of the white noise in my brain. I’m an adult now, and life is so much more complicated, with so many more things to think about every day.

Blah, blah, blah. You’re never short of excuses for why you can’t just let yourself go, are you? Just try it this once – you might actually like it! I repeat, close your eyes and let your mind empty of all of that white noise. Come on, take some deep breaths to get the process started.

Oh, you mean that I need to inspire in order to become inspired.

Don’t get clever. I’m trying to help you here and I can’t do it if you won’t let me.

Okay, but if I shut out all of the noise in my head, that means that I need to shut you out, too.

Everything except me, oh annoying one. I’ll fade off into the distance eventually, but for now you need me to steer this ship.

Oooh, a ship, that’s nice. Floating, floooating, rocking with the gentle waves, to and fro, to and fro, la la la, ooh, palm trees, tropical breezes, waves lapping on an island shore, the warm sun on my face, white sand, steel drum band playing off in the distance, rum cocktail close to hand, la la la, bliss … But wait, is that a pirate ship I see off in the distance? Oooh, shiver me timbers, it’s the Black Pearl! Quick, where’s my big white hankie. Yoo hoo, Johnny, er, Captain Jack! Yes, over here! Willing captive off the starboard side!! Watch me swoon in anticipation, er, terror! Aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Alright, enough of that. There’s such a thing as getting too carried away with this, you know. Open your eyes now and come back to reality.

Hang on, party pooper, you’re supposed to be helping me come up with an idea for a post about inspiration.

Open your eyes and look at your computer screen.


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