Here We Go Again

Yes, another new look. Getting dizzy yet? This one’s going to stick around for a while now, so I promise that the dizzy feeling will pass shortly. 🙂 I missed the “old”, as in the beautiful calm, soothing, very “me”, layouts that Stephanie used to design for me from scratch. But I don’t miss having to rely on her to do them for me, so decided to figure out how to create one for myself. She did help me out a bit in the end as I couldn’t get the header graphic to look just right. I spent hours on it, but of course she created my “vision” in about a minute and a half. Harrumph. She also fixed a couple of coding glitches that I couldn’t figure out, so it’s all good now. Oh, except that her coding changes meant that my widgets got lost in the process. But that’s a minor detail and I’ll get those back up when I have a few minutes. Like I said, things aren’t going to change around here for a LONG time now!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been quiet again for a few days as I’ve been having a very, very tired spell again. Same old, same old, so no big deal. But of course I look forward to the day when I hopefully won’t feel this way anymore.

Spending time working on this new layout was a pretty stupid thing to do when I was so tired, but I needed a good distraction. Privacy issues prevent me from giving much detail about what has been on my mind. But suffice it to say that there is serious concern about the well-being of a little girl in my very close circle. She won’t talk to her mom or professionals, saying that she has been told not to tell them what happens when she is not in her mother’s care. But she hasn’t been warned not to talk to me, so I’m going to see if I can get her to open up a bit. It’s a tricky thing to do, for the obvious reasons, but hopefully my mom instincts and some education in child psychology will help me out. I need to get the info out of her if the suspected is happening, but don’t want to put ideas in her head on the off chance that it isn’t.

The other difficulty here is that both the mother of the child and I are survivors of childhood/early teen sexual abuse by a family member. It’s ancient history for us, but it happened, and thus it’s hard to be “calm and objective” when evidence points toward history repeating itself with this precious child. But either way, things are not right and something will have to be done … once we find out exactly what is going on. If it’s not actual sexual abuse, it’s definitely nasty mind games, seeing inappropriate stuff, physical neglect, etc. Very worrying, indeed. 😦

But other than that, things are going okay here. The spring temperatures left us again and it has been pretty chilly for the past few days. But we’re warming up nicely again today and the melting has commenced again. We got rid of quite a bit of our snow during the warmer days last week, so another week of plus temperatures should make a good dent in the rest.

Now I’m off to park my bum on the deck for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. It’s -3C out there, but the sun feels very warm, and the north breeze won’t find me on the deck. I’d love to go for a therapeutic walk, but don’t have the energy for it today.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. 🙂


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