How Rude!

So, there I am, curled up on the sofa last evening, wrapped up in multiple layers to combat my usual CFS-induced evening chills and shivers session …

totally minding my own business, thoroughly engrossed in my book of crossword puzzles, and oblivious to the world around me …

when all of a sudden, giggle, flash, click, giggle, flash, click, I’m jolted out of my peaceful place by the intrusion of a camera. Which impressed me ever so much, as you can see.

But having made my opinion on said intrusion very clear, and having wrapped myself up even further in my protective armour, it’s back to my own little world for the rest of the evening.

The End.

P.S. I did forgive the photographer for the intrusion, but only because she said I looked so cute all wrapped up, that she couldn’t resist reaching for the camera. At a certain point in life, being called “cute” makes just about anything forgiveable! 🙂


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