Hello on a Frosty Monday

Alrighty, time to get some new words up over here, methinks. Yesterday I spent my computer time working on my other place, so today it’s this place that gets my attention. Normally both places would get equal time, but I fell behind with all things related to blogging and have had some major catching up to do. I gave the other place priority yesterday as I wanted to get an invitation up for people to switch over to this place, if they felt so inclined. I kept this second home a bit quiet until I was sure that I was comfortable with, and had time for, two places. But it’s going well, so now I can officially give my friends the choice of where they’d like to visit.

Hopefully the energy holds out for the time I plan to spend here today. I’m feeling better in general again, but had a rotten sleep last night. I think it was something we ate for supper, as the others had a restless night, too. The temptation is there to go for a major nap right about now, but I’m going to try to dog it through today, if at all possible. I have my sleeping habits turned right around in the good way now, and I don’t want to get messed up again.

I’m going to make some new additions to the side bar today, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’m always interested in what people are reading, listening to, watching, etc. and I’m sure that it works both ways. Oh, speaking of listening, I mentioned a couple or three posts back that I had added music, with the player in the sidebar. Well, obviously it didn’t stay on here for very long. As Stephanie very correctly pointed out, it made for slow loading, even with DSL, so would be brutal for anyone with dial up service. It also had the potential to freeze browsers, and that’s definitely a major annoyance for anyone. I might put it back now and then, if I have a special reason to, but for the most part, this will be a quiet place to visit. Feel free to hum whatever tune pops into your head while you’re here, though. 🙂

On to more newsy stuff now, I want to start with an official welcome to those who have come over here to check this spot out, and especially to those who feel like it’s where they’d rather visit from now on. Like I said at the other place yesterday, my blog and LJ are now my main means of staying in touch with friends near and far, so I want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable during their visit. Rather like offering a choice of tea or coffee, I suppose, or choosing to sit and chat in the kitchen or living room. But what I didn’t confess at the other place is that two spots gives me more to play with, and a bigger outlet for my urge to “fiddle”. I don’t have the energy to redecorate my house or rearrange all of the furniture at will. But it doesn’t take much effort to change my surroundings on my sites. I don’t get out much these days, so a change of scenery of any kind is good for the spirit. Well, that’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Quick break there as I wandered over to the thermostat to bump the heat up a notch. Old Man Winter is having what is hopefully his last temper tantrum for the season, and the temperature has dropped into the very frigid range again. It was -30C, with a windchill of -39 when I saw Richard off to work this morning. Brr. The forecast high for today is -17, but we’ll see if we actually get there. This is March, right?! Oh well, things can change very quickly in this part of the world, and if the forecast holds true, we will see a dramatic change by the end of the week. I really don’t trust long range forecasts anymore, but if this one is right, we’re to see above 0 temperatures by Thursday or Friday. Which would definitely be nice, especially if they stay there from that point on. The bright sunshine makes the cold quite tolerable today, really, but it’s getting to the “enough already” point, for sure. Oh, but just to prove that I’m truly the optimistic sort, I finished off my vegetable and flower seeds list last night, and will be submitting the order today. Sure, it’s frigid out there and my vegetable patch is buried under 2 to 4 feet of snow, depending on which spot you’re looking at. But those are minor details, really. My very vivid imagination comes in quite handy sometimes, you know. 🙂

Okay, enough of the chatter for now. I must get on with the fiddling now before I run out of steam. Hopefully I’ll also have the energy to make the rounds of blogs and catch up with the comments left to posts below. I know that not everyone responds to comments, but I try to make a point of it. If you were good enough to say something to me, it’s only right that I say something back.

Hope all’s well in each of your little corners of the world today. 🙂


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