Drips and Pieces

Ooph, I’ve hit a tired spell again. Nothing unusual in that of course, but I thought I’d see if I can drag a little sympathy out of the crowd. 🙂 Nah, just joking. Save your sympathy for someone who really needs it. CFS is nothing compared to what many others in the world deal with every day. It’s just an inconvenience, really, when you get right down to it. My family understands the situation, I don’t have to go out to work, and my child is grown up. So, no big deal when I need to laze around for the few days at the low end of the cycle. I seem to have pretty much settled into a two and a half week cycle now, provided I don’t do anything silly to cause a sudden relapse, so it’s getting to the point where I can more or less plan around it. More or less.

Anyway, I’ve been sort of hmm-ing to myself about this decline, as it set in after I was playing with my blog yesterday. The previous one started in the same way, so I’m starting to wonder if those who say that HTML is the work of the devil just might be onto something!! 🙂 But regardless, I’m going to keep playing as and when I feel like it. I don’t get out a lot because of the CFS, so changing the scenery on my blog every few weeks compensates for that!

Speaking of the change, I guess you’ve probably figured out by now that I absolutely love the colour green, especially the rich, deep shades of it. Actually, I like all rich, deep colours, but green is my very favourite. It’s also one of my best colours to wear, which probably accounts for the preference to a large degree. I’ve also added some music, as you’ll have already noticed. I mainly put it up here just for the song playing at present, which was talked about in my last post. But I love, love, love music, and I think I’ll keep it on my blog. Thanks to Pea for the inspiration, by the way, as I’m using the same music source she uses on her blog. You don’t mind my being a copy cat this once, do you, Pea? 🙂 Anyway, I’ve put the music thingy near the top of my side bar, where it’s easy to find and turn off, just in case you don’t want the audio every time you visit. My music tastes are very eclectic, so odds are that what’s on here isn’t going to appeal to everyone all of the time. I lost some of my widgets while messing around yesterday, and wanted to add others anyway. So look for a few more changes in the coming days. The lost widgets were down to a moment of stupidity on my part. Guess I should have taken the hint and quit then, huh? But that’s not my way. If I’m trying to do something, I persevere until I get it done. Or until I have the urge to start throwing things. 😉

While I’m yammering on about my blog, I’ll mention something else, again inspired by Pea in her most recent comment. I know that a lot of people have strong preferences or “needs” when it comes to visits, comments, etc. But this is pretty much an anything goes kind of place. I’ve never been terribly demanding when it comes to friendships, and the same applies to blogging friendships. All visits and comments are always appreciated, of course, but I operate very much on the when you can, or when you feel like it, philosophy. I know myself how hard it is to keep up with visiting and commenting, even before I got sick, so I don’t expect any more of anyone else than I can give myself. I usually visit every day, but I often run out of steam before I get back to leave a comment. I used to comment as I visited, but when the energy declined I thought it was more important to get around to everyone for a read than it was to comment each and every time. Most of you have stats, so you’ll know that I’ve been there, even if I haven’t left a comment. The same applies here, of course.

The other thing is that I don’t blog in a way that necessarily invites comments. Do you know what I mean? For instance, some people end each post with a question, or invite you to state your opinion about something. I do that sometimes, but mostly I blog in more of a narrative way, as that’s what comes naturally. As do many others on my blogroll. So, if I don’t say something every time, it’s often because I don’t have anything to add to what that particular blogger, or commenters who got there ahead of me, have already said. It’s a pity my blog friends can’t see me as I’m reading their posts, though, as I nod away vigourously as I read, and often talk to the screen. Oh go on, ‘fess up, you do it, too, don’t you? 🙂

So, like I said, just do what suits you best and I’m perfectly fine with it. We all have lives to live and I’m certainly not going to get into a snit and ban you if you don’t visit and “talk” to me every day. Promise! I haven’t done it to anyone in the five years that I’ve been blogging, so I can’t see myself changing habits now. 🙂

And yes it is indeed five years of blogging, as of some time this month. The archives to my original blog are on our old, in storage, computer, and I can’t remember exactly what day of the month I started blogging. But it was definitely in February, and somewhere in the second half, I think. My first blog was given to me by my darling daughter, by the way, (“Here, I’ve spent hours designing a blog for you, so don’t you dare say that you don’t want one!”) and she is the one who called that original blog Bellus Animus. A name which I’ve picked up again here, obviously! I’ve moved around a few times in the five years, and changed names a couple of times, but I always loved that original name and was glad that it was still available to use when I came back over here at the end of 2006. My writing style has changed a lot over the years, especially since the CFS started, and I missed the easy way I used to write back when I had the original Bellus Animus. So, I hoped that by coming back to my original home on Blogger, and with the original name, that I’d get that old “magic” back. Of course the writing is still up and down, as energy ebbs and flows, but I’m feeling much more comfortable and “free” again here.

I actually have more to tell you, but today’s chef, as in Richard, tells me that supper is about to hit the table, so I had better end here for now. But just briefly, the spell of extreme cold weather has broken at long last. Hallelujah! A fierce wind yesterday blew the cold away somewhere else, and we’re warming up in a huge way. The temp has been rising steadily since yesterday morning and is now a balmy -7 C. And no, I’m not being sarcastic when I use the word “balmy”! After what we have had for the past three or four weeks, this feels positively tropical! There’s far more strength in the sun now, so even though the temp was below freezing today, there was some dripping happening and icicles falling off the house. We’re to hit +4 on Sunday and the long range forecast is in the -7 to 0 range, so it looks like we’ve really and truly broken the back of winter now. WHEEEEEEEEE! 🙂

Alrighty, must trot as the chef has just called me to the table. Roast beef this evening, and if it tastes half as good as it has smelled cooking over the course of the afternoon, I’m in for a treat!!


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