I promised to introduce new blog friends to my daughter, and here she is. The photo above is one of my absolute favourites of her, taken a few months ago. The two below are “glamour” shots from last week. She does some modelling of sorts for a MAC cosmetics “how to” website, and these were practice shots, trying out different facial expressions and lighting. Obviously my messy desk wasn’t in the background of the shots submitted. 😉

I so admire the young woman she has become. Life has thrown some pretty harsh stuff in her path since early childhood, and her spirit has been trampled down at times. But it has never, ever been broken. Now, as she nears her twentieth birthday, she has truly found herself again and that beautiful spirit is soaring.

Welcome back, my girl. You’re everything I wish that I had been at your age – a free spirit, intuitive enough to hear the beat of your own drum, and courageous enough to march to your own unique beat. I’ve learned so much from you, and my life is enriched every day by sharing your world.

Some serious health issues in her high school years derailed her from the expected track. But, sometimes things happen for a reason, and derailments can turn out to be for the best. Now the plans and dreams for her future are entirely hers, rather than what others expected of her. And that’s a very good thing. Right now the plans are on hold until she recovers further, but she isn’t just sitting around at home, doing nothing. She recently took a favourite hobby since childhood to a new level, and turned it into an actual business. It takes time to get a new business going, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to make this successful enough to start financing her future goals. And she will. Once she makes up her mind to do something, watch out!!


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