Clear as Mud, Right?!

Just to clarify things for people coming over here from my Blogger profile, I am indeed Eleanor of Tame the Shrew at LiveJournal, and that is still my main blog for the present. However, as a number of people have said that they have trouble finding their way around over there, and since the majority of my friends still use Blogger, I’ve started up this place, too. I could have kept going with my old Tame the Shrew blog over here at Blogger, but it didn’t feel like home anymore. So, like I said in the first post over here, I resurrected my very first blog name, Bellus Animus, and it feels right. The name is perhaps more appropriate at present, too, as the Shrew has calmed down/been tamed a lot in the past year, and is indeed living a bellus animus (beautiful life) again. Ahem.

I realize that this is probably pretty confusing for some, but I’m just trying to accommodate everyone, and indulge my own need for variety. I like LiveJournal a lot and it has led to my getting to know some nice new people. But I kind of miss my home over here, too. I can do things over here that I can’t do over there, and vice versa, so having two homes feels right.

I had originally planned to use this space for something completely different from LiveJournal, but the reality is that I don’t have the creative energy for two very different things right now. Hence the idea to give people two options and let them decide where they feel most comfortable visiting. I’ll cross post between the two places for the most part, so just choose whichever place feels most comfortable, and you won’t miss anything by not visiting the other place, too. Oh, and if this place is your preference, let me know so that I can add you to the links and make you feel properly welcome here. 🙂

There, did that clear things up sufficiently? If not, you know what to do, right? Just shout at me and I’ll get back to you.

Toodles for now.


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