Another Year Begins

So, this is what 44 feels like, eh? Hunh, not much different from 43, really. Or 42, or 41, for that matter. After 40 they sort of all feel the same, you know. 🙂

Today will be exactly the kind of birthday celebration I like – two willing slaves waiting on me hand and foot, and a whole day to do with as I please. Ahh, bliss! I’m sure that birthday parties are fun, but I’ve never had one and don’t particularly want one. I’m a low-key, low-maintenance kind of gal, and thus it shall always be. The option is always there to go out, but I choose to cocoon with my nearest and dearest today. Partly because it’s so cold outside, but mostly ’cause I just want to. My resident gourmet chef has a plan in mind for a birthday dinner to die for, which will definitely beat any restaurant fare. Details tomorrow.

Many thanks to everyone for the various kinds of greetings that have already arrived. You’ll get individual thanks too, of course, but for today I’ll just do the group thanks. You’ve made the day very special already, believe me! 🙂

Now I should push off so that Richard can enjoy the rest of the internet BBC World Service football/soccer feed, sans typing sounds. Even the birthday of his darling one doesn’t take priority over certain things, you know! But he’s lovely otherwise, so I’ll forgive him. Probably. 🙂


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