The Dark Side of the Shrew

I’ve always maintained that what you see is what you get when I write letters or blog posts, as in the way I write is the way I am. Well, that’s mostly true. Er, sorry, let me rephrase that last sentence. What you’ve seen thus far is truly who I am, but only part of who I am. There’s a little aspect to the Shrew’s personality that hasn’t really made itself known on here yet, and the time has come to let it out of the closet. Brace yourselves. 🙂

I’ve blathered on at length to many people about how much I loathe and despise reality TV. I avoid it like the plague, apart from suffering through American Idol this last time around, just to please the youngest member of the household. It had a few moments that were okay, but mostly it was pretty painful. Having said all of that, however, I made a complete hypocrite of myself over the summer by getting thoroughly hooked on a reality TV program. I surfed into the first episode by accident and that was that.

So, what grabbed me, you ask? Well, it was Rock Star: Supernova. Gilby Clarke, formerly of Guns ‘n Roses, Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica, and Tommy Lee, who probably needs no explanation, have put together a band and the object of the show was to find a lead singer for their band.

The Shrew might seem very prim and proper at first glance, but it’s all a front for the rock chick hiding inside. She has been sort of tucked away in a dark corner for many a year, but she came out over the summer again. Impressed the young one no end, but shocked the older one a bit, I think. He’ll get over it. Or get used to it. Whichever.

It’s kind of nice to have her back, I must say. Goodness knows that I needed something to light a spark, given the current situation. Music has always done that for me, but I drifted away from my pilot light for a time and hadn’t even realized what was missing. Which is not to say that I wasn’t listening to music, as it’s a constant in this house. But I wasn’t listening to “my” music, as in the kind that energizes my spirit. There’s such a thing as too much mellow stuff, you know. Really, there is!

Anyhoo, back to the show, this is who I wanted to win, and this is who Daughter wanted to win. And this is who did win in the end, last evening. It came down to our choices for the last two standing, so we called that one well, for once. I can understand the band’s final choice and it doesn’t upset me in the least as he was always a close second for me anyway. I’m just not quite as into boys with makeup as the young one is. I’ll agree that he’s cute, but I outgrew cute a long time ago. Gilby Clarke on the other hand …! Funny how I never noticed him when he was with Guns ‘n Roses, but perhaps looking at Axl and Slash put me off so much that I didn’t take a proper look at the other band members.

So yeah, that’s it. Now I feel so free with that out in the open. Rock on, dudes!

P.S. Daughter has confessed that she has a “thing” for Tommy Lee. I should probably be a bit worried about that, right?

P.P.S. Did I mention that the winner is Canadian? *pumps fist*


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