Same Old, Same Old

Yeah, you guessed it. Busy week last week, major slump over the weekend. Like I said to someone earlier in an e-mail, it’s annoying, but c’est la vie.

My bed was my best friend for a few days, but so far today I’ve resisted the urge to return to it. After the cool spell, we’re back to summery weather and I feel very out of sorts when I’ve slept a sunny day away. I’m a night creature to a point, but feel very upside down and disoriented when I don’t see at least a few hours of bright light every day. My snoozing the days away turns the house upside down in general, too. My pampered husband rather likes it when I’m awake and have a fresh pot of coffee brewing when he gets home from work, as well as at least a plan in the works for supper. Not that he doesn’t know how to cook himself, but after a hard day at the salt mines, I can understand why the idea is less than appealing. As I’ve said many times, I seem to be the lynchpin for the whole household and when I don’t keep things ticking over as per usual, everyone is lost. Nice to be seen as so vital to my nearest and dearest, of course, but …

Anyway, everything’s fine otherwise. Stephanie’s doing nicely with the jewellery venture and is presently pawing through a new box of shiny pretty things which just arrived at the door. It’s all that I can do to keep myself from pawing through them, too. This shipment included Swarovski crystal beads in a myriad of colours, and the magpie in me is going berserk. Must touch shiny pretty things! She also got a shot of confidence last week, courtesy of one of our unexpected visitors. Said visitor is on the Board of Directors for the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival, so is well aware of what artisans sell at their stalls during this event. Apparently Stephanie’s “practice” pieces eclipse anything seen on offer at the festival, and she’ll make a killing should she decide to set up shop there next summer. But in the meantime, she has a promise of some Christmas season sales, and more beyond. She’s building up her inventory for sale on the internet, too, and has made the pieces for my mother, to get her off her back. She didn’t want to get into custom orders just yet, as she can’t predict her energy levels and didn’t want unnecessary pressure, but a few people are having trouble grasping that concept. This is a business, not a means of filling up family jewellery boxes with quality pieces for free. The odd one here and there, of course, but they don’t get first pick at everything she makes. Nor do they have any say in how she runs her business. This is her baby and they can keep their noses out of it. The whole clan can be an incredibly intrusive bunch, but they can also be controlled. It took me over forty years to grasp that concept, but better late than never.

As for me, in between sleep sessions, I’ve been doing up the stuff I had to hurriedly get out of the garden towards the end of last week. Of course the heat came back, but that’s fine. Having the garden cleaned out means one less thing to think about and do on a daily basis, and there are lots of other things for which I can use that energy over the next few weeks.

Richard starts ten days of holidays after his shift tomorrow, and none too soon, either. He should have been able to retire this year, but I can’t go back to work to make up the difference, as had always been the plan. So, he’s doing the manly thing and will keep going for a few more years. He’s not resentful, and doesn’t make me feel guilty, but I still do sometimes when I see him so tired by the end of the week. I honestly don’t think that he’s ready to totally retire yet anyway, for his own sake, but it would be a lot easier if I could go back to doing everything around here like I once did. Apart from mowing the lawn, which he refuses to let a woman do (yes, he’s quite old-fashioned in many ways, and I don’t mind in the least!), I did everything required to keep the house and home ticking over, by choice. I was used to doing absolutely everything for so many years in my “former life”, including being the main bread winner, so I needed to be “in charge” here at home for my own sake, not just to make life easier for Richard. It was a tough thing to give up the security and “self-respect” of my own financial independence, so I needed to feel like I was making an equal contribution. Probably more than an equal contribution when it came right down to it, but I was happy with the arrangement and so was he. Or at least he said he was. Something tells me that he rather enjoys having to take over some of the necessary duties, which I’d have never let him do otherwise!

Speaking of said necessary duties, I need to shut up here and get on with some. The usual metaphorical bomb dropped on my house while I was out of commission for a few days. Funny how that happens. I’m still trying to use my limited magical powers to conjure up a team of household faeries to take over for me at such times, but no luck thus far. Toodles.


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