An Artisan in the Family

I’m in danger of swallowing my face if the yawns get any bigger, but I can’t put this off until tomorrow. Stephanie has finally let the world in on her “secret project” and has given me permission to do the same.

So, here’s the deal. The spare bedroom is being converted into a studio for her, and she has just launched her own business. There’s nothing up on her website yet, apart from her logo, but that’s enough to give the game away. What has been a favourite hobby since she was a little girl is about to become something much bigger. For now, the plan is to work at it until she can pursue some of her other dreams, and to use this to finance those dreams. But one never knows what the future holds, does one? She has most of her tools and supplies on hand now, and has been busily drawing design sketches while awaiting the arrival of all of the necessities. So, it’s all systems go.

I know that I’m going to seriously annoy her with this paragraph, but tough. It’s not just eyeroll-inducing parental bragging, it’s the absolute truth. If her “practice” pieces are anything to go by, she is on her way to great things. She has always turned out lovely jewellery, even without proper tools, and with just using cheap beading supplies. But put the proper tools in her hands, and give her quality supplies to work with, and it’s chin on floor time. Seriously. Of course she’s her usual far too modest self about every piece she makes, but Richard and I are just totally blown away. I have a jewellery box full of stuff that she has made for me in recent years, which rivals anything found in a department store. But I honestly had no idea of the extent of the talent she possesses until the past couple of weeks.

So, there it is. The secret’s out now and expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully she’ll let me post some photos now and then, too.

Oh, and just for the record, I am not going to be doing any pressure sales pitches here. If you want to order something from her once she gets the online sales going, fantastic, but don’t feel obligated, just because you know me.

Alright, that’s enough about that for tonight. I’ll try to get back here tomorrow, but it will depend on whether Stephanie is working on her product, or on the business end of things. We’re a one computer family, and her computer needs are more important than my computer fun time right now. Meanwhile, I’m back to firing on most cylinders again, at least for the moment, and the other nonsense has been shoved into the background again, where it belongs. Woot!

‘Nighty night and naughty dreams to you all. Hey, you might as well have them because they’re obviously wasted on me. If I’ve said no to Johnny twice, it’s all rather pointless, don’t you think?


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