Dream On

Ahh, it’s a “me” day today, and what a blissful thing that is. I haven’t had one in ages, so it’s long overdue. Richard is at work and Stephanie will likely sleep all day, having pulled an all nighter working on her, um, new project.

Anyhoo, my plan for this “me” day was to have a nice long, guilt-free lie-in this morning. Not that anyone makes me feel guilty for grabbing the extra sleep I need, but you know how it is. When there are jobs waiting to be done, my conscience gives me a hard time about sleeping a morning away. However, I got everything done up over the past couple of days so that I could lounge about today… only to wake up at the crack of dawn, raring to go. Typical. But really, I wasn’t having a good sleep anyway. I crashed on the sofa last night, as I sometimes do. One minute I’m wide awake, and the next, zzzzzzzzzz. Which is fine, except that the sofa is not very comfortable nowadays. It still looks okay, but one awakens feeling like one has been beaten about the body with a steel pipe after a few hours of lying on it. So, we’ll be looking at new living room furniture as a Christmas gift to ourselves.

But it wasn’t just the discomfort that gave me a restless sleep. The CFS interferes with one’s normal sleep rhythm sometimes and I’ve had some pretty wild nights, even in the comfort of my bed. I’m not going to get all technical here, but it’s about not going through the usual sleep stages properly. Which leads to some very bizarre, very busy dreams. No real nightmares, just vivid, wacky dreams, usually about whatever I was reading/watching/thinking about just before I fell asleep, but with a very convoluted, tangled up plot. I go from scene to scene in the dreams, and upon awakening wonder just how on earth all of that was related!

The dreams are so vivid that I remember everything, which is not necessarily a good thing, given their bizarre nature. For instance, I’m not terribly obsessed with celebrities, and especially not the likes of Tom Cruise. However, he featured prominently in a recent dream. As did his posse, who were chasing me, as well as some of my friends from school, because we had heckled Tom a tad while he was making an appearance at the nursing home where I once worked. I suppose that that one did border on a nightmare as they were intent on teaching us a lesson for insulting His Weirdness. But they were chasing us with loaded water pistols, so no, nothing too scary about that. Er, apart from having a dream with Tom Cruise in it, period. Yikes!

But the most bizarre and disturbing dreams of late have involved someone that most women on earth would give their right arm to dream about in a naughty way. Except that I said no to the naughtiness, which is the bizarre and disturbing bit. I mean, yes, I take my marriage vows very seriously, but come on! In dreamland we’re allowed a bit of “fun” aren’t we? Saying no once was worrying enough, but saying no twice really has me questioning my sanity. Especially after I told Richard about the first dream and he said that he’d have not held the lapse in fidelity against me one little bit, given the circumstances. I don’t really need to tell you whom I said no to, do I? I mean, just think about it for a second. Yup, it was Johnny Depp. Gah! To quote my sister, “Are you freakin’ insane? Geez, and you wonder why I used to tease you mercilessly about being a goody two shoes when we were teenagers.” Yeah.

There’s nothing more to say about that, really, so I’ll just get on with the rest of my day now, kicking the odd door frame to relieve the pent up frustration and self-disgust. 🙂 It’s a cool, wet day (finally), so perfect for sitting around indoors, catching up on some correspondence and such … or indulging in the odd, hopefully dreamless, nap.



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