More of the Same

By now I’m sure that you all know why I go very quiet sometimes, so I won’t keep repeating it. Once the heat of summer goes on its merry way the CFS symptoms should be less of a problem again. I’m being good, honest I am, so it’s just the heat making things worse. We had two much cooler days Friday and Saturday, with highs of 20 and 22 respectively, and I definitely felt more alive those days. But it was back to heat with very high humidity yesterday, and the plug fell out of the bottom of my foot again. Figuratively speaking, of course.

I am still reading all of you faithfully, as you’ve probably noticed, but run out of steam before I get back to do much commenting on your blogs. Just thought I’d mention that so you don’t feel ignored and unloved. Never that.

Must dash now before I get too tired to throw something together for supper. My slaves have been very attentive again, but even the most faithful servants need a break. Worst luck. Back soon…ish.


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