Hot Stuff

One of Daughter’s friends made one of these for her yesterday, so she decided that my life wouldn’t be complete without one, too. It could have been a lot worse.

To other news, it’s hot, hot, hot here just now. Ugh. I’m still feeling better than I was, but the heat the past couple of days has wilted me somewhat again. Even with an air conditioned house. I was in and out a few times today, hanging clothes on the line and doing a bit of watering in the garden, and it was like walking into an oven whenever I opened the door. The actual temperature today was 35, but the humidity made it feel like 41. Ick. I know that I wail about the cold in winter, too, but I can honestly say that I’d take -40 over +40 any day. Likely loads of fellow Manitobans would disagree with me on that point, but my metabolism prefers cold to heat and always has.

Besides being hot, it’s also incredibly dry around here. In June we had less than a quarter of the normal total rainfall for the month, in fits and starts that did little more than dampen the surface. And mostly in the first half of the month. Apart from a couple of pathetic, now you feel it now you don’t spits, we’ve had nothing at all this month. Our lawn is brown, apart from right at the edge of the flower beds and veggie patch, and it’s going to stay that way until we get some rain. Our quarterly water bill is going to be painful enough next month, just from trying to keep the vegetables and flowers alive. The veg are doing very well, though, considering. We’ve been using salad stuff for a few weeks now and I’ve picked beans twice in the past few days. I could have done it again today, but it was just too hot to be out there for any length of time. Didn’t feel like doing the preparing, blanching, and freezing process today anyway. So there!

Richard went back to work today and said that it wasn’t all that hard going in this morning. So, I guess that he wasn’t fibbing when he said that he had enjoyed the quiet holiday. It’s always a sign of being refreshed when your feet aren’t dragging when you head back to work. His staff welcomed him back with open arms, literally, so no doubt that helped. He’s a fantastic guy to work with/for, and I know that from first hand experience. We were workmates for a few years, before any romantic sparks flew, so I can understand their enthusiasm. I used to feel it myself when he came back after time off. And no, the open arms bit didn’t bother me in the least. I’d be in a rather bad way if I were the jealous type as the male to female ratio there is something like 1 to 20. There’s one other male nurse on staff, and the only other guys around are the maintenance man and his helper, the vicar who heads up Pastoral Services, and a lad who works in the kitchen.

Now I’ll shut up here and pay a bit of attention to some comments before I head off to bed. We’re supposed to get some heat generated thunderstorms overnight, but I’ll believe that when I see it. On this occasion I’d love to be awakened by thunder, but it ain’t gonna happen. Other storms have rolled right by us this month, so threatening clouds evoke little more than a “meh, whatever” at the moment.


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