Back in Business … Tomorrow

Just a quick stop to let you know that normal service will resume shortly. I’m feeling much, much, much better. Hurray! It’s a shame that the relapse came just in time for Richard’s longest holiday of the year, but it has been a godsend to have him here to act as my willing slave. What a guy! It has been nearly three weeks of doing not much of anything, but he insists that he doesn’t mind in the least. I don’t know if he’s just being kind, but he says that the quiet holiday has been just what he needed. Today’s his last day off, prior to heading back to the salt mines tomorrow, poor thing.

So, there’s nothing to report in the way of exciting holiday adventures, but it has been an interesting time nonetheless. Much chatting from the comfort of chairs on the deck, much planning, much considering of options, etc.

Oh, and the past reared its ugly head again yesterday, as in the former in-laws trying to stick me with a huge bill for current property taxes and two years’ worth of arrears on a property which hasn’t been my responsibility for sixteen years. Nice, very nice. I knew that I had nothing to worry about regarding the bill, but it made for a certain amount of ranting and raving all the same. However, it was soon sorted with a phone call to their son. I was blazing when I initiated the call, but the reaction at the other end soon stopped the nostril flaring and brought on the giggles.


“May I speak to Cam, please.”

Shouting back and forth on the other end.

“Who’s this? Can I take a message and get him to call you back?”

“It’s Eleanor, and I’d really like to speak to him right now, please.”

“Oh, yeah, no problem, hang on.”

Polite people cover the receiver with their hand when conveying messages to someone in another room, but she didn’t. Thus I heard,

“It’s Eleanor, get your ass over here now!”

“Eleanor who?”

“Your ex, you moron, move it!”

“Oh shit!”

Snicker. If only I could have commanded such instant respect/fear all those years ago. Mind you, I never called him a moron or told him to get his ass anywhere, so perhaps that was the problem. Charming woman, his current missus.

Anyway, must away now and start a family day with husband and daughter. She just returned from Tim Horton’s with massive cups of coffee and fresh bagels all ’round. Now that’s the way to start a day.

Ciao, y’all.


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