Let’s Try This Again

Okay, so I wasn’t quite as awake as I thought the other day. The fatigue has been a real bear this time and reluctant to be beaten into submission. It had improved to the point where I could almost forget about it for a few weeks and I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of real accomplishment at the end of each day. But, of course, it is a chronic condition and improvement doesn’t mean that it’s gone. Ahem. I’m not a Type A personality, but I do like to get things done and don’t accept limitations very gracefully. So, I probably brought this on myself by getting too ambitious. But it was worth it while it lasted, and I have no regrets.

Anyhoo, I’m feeling much more alert today, so I’ll get a post up before the brain fog moves in again. Daughter is out getting a stylish new “do”, so I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck, waiting to get her hands on the computer. Which is often the problem with my getting stuff done on here. When the head is clear and I feel like blogging, sending e-mail or whatever, the computer is usually occupied. By the time it’s free again, the brain fog has moved back in, or I’m just too tired to sit here. Which is probably a good argument for a second computer, but nah, I don’t feel like going to that expense. I’ve never been one for expensive toys just for myself, and it wouldn’t do to break the habit of a lifetime.

Let’s see, what can I tell you to get you caught up on the goings on at this end? Well, it has been a pretty quiet couple of weeks for the Shrew, really. The Father’s Day festivities on the weekend were about the extent of the excitement. I do believe that the man of the house enjoyed the much deserved spoiling lavished upon his good self. As usual, as long as he’s fed well, he’s happy. Now there’s a stereotype for you! 🙂 Stephanie did come up with some great gifts for him, though, and I managed to slap a major grin on his face with mine, too. Yup, the spouse shows appreciation on Father’s Day, too. He has been hunting for an older British TV mini-series, Fall of Eagles, for ages and I finally tracked it down for him. He saw it when it was quite new, and then I saw it with him a few years ago when it was shown on our History channel. Excellent, excellent stuff for history buffs. Of course I had read about all of this at various times, but this dramatization is the best history lesson ever on that era. Great acting, too, as one would expect when reading the list of names of those appearing in the series.

Still on the culture theme, the down time with the fatigue gave me a chance to get through a few books that have been languishing on my shelf for quite some time. I read a couple of my own, and then Daughter “forced” a couple of hers on me. One of which was The Da Vinci Code. Yes, I know, I’m probably one of the last in the civilized world to have a go at it, but that’s just the way I am with pop culture. If I’m told that something is a “must read”, “must see”, “must hear”, just because the masses say so, I tend to balk. Someone has to. Anyway, I did read it, in two sittings, and was a lot more impressed than I expected to be. I went into it with a totally open mind and enjoyed it for what it was – a good thriller, and an interesting different perspective to consider. My only quibble is that it was a bit predictable, as in while the characters were puzzling over this or that, I had it figured out instantly. However, that’s a minor thing. Enough of the twists and turns were a surprise to keep it interesting. High literature? Of course not. Just a good, fast read, and a very interesting, well thought out point of view on an old story. I’m not sure that I understand all of the fuss about the book, from a religious standpoint, but then I’m not Catholic or a zealot. I have my beliefs and what I read in this book certainly didn’t rock them. I’ve always seen major holes in the story, as set down in the Bible, so of course it’s logical that the “truth” could be quite different from what was chosen to be included in the Bible. Or, perhaps what is there is true, but certain key elements were left out on purpose. But whatever the case, it doesn’t change who Jesus was, or what he represented, and that’s all that matters to me. I just have to wonder why the Catholic Church had such a holy conniption (pun intended) if there isn’t any truth to Dan Brown’s theories. It definitely smacks of “methinks they doth protest too much.” Will I see the movie now? No, at least not in the theatre where I have to pay real money to see it. With rare exceptions, notably the works of Charles Dickens, I always enjoy books far more than movie or TV adaptations. I visualize the characters in a certain way, and the actors playing them rarely match my images gleaned from reading the books. Also, whatever it is that makes a book work is often lacking in a screenplay.

Speaking of books and such, I really must have a go at updating my side bar, lest you think that I’m the slowest reader on the face of the earth. Far from it – just really forgetful about certain things. Everything over there is in major need of an update, actually. Tsk, tsk. But not today, as duty calls, and I can’t ignore my conscience any longer. Two weeks of relative sloth is enough and I must try to get something constructive done today. Nothing exciting, sadly, just the usual stuff like something resembling a tidy up, a half-hearted flick of the duster, and doing something about the overflowing laundry hamper. Ho hum, ho hum. Unless, of course, the lure of the great outdoors proves to be too great. After a spell of hot, muggy stuff, it’s deliciously cool and breezy out there today. Any bets on what I actually end up doing after lunch?


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