A Little Something to Put You in the Mood

Here’s a little something for everyone looking forward to the World Cup tournament. Football/soccer bloopers to a Monty Python soundtrack – perfect! Of course this is not what we want to see during the tournament from England players, any officials, and the first aid crews. But everyone else is allowed to fall over their own feet/collide/make a general spectacle of themselves at will.

It all starts in a mere eleven days. Could be a long eleven days, given the excitement of the man of the house, but I expect that he’ll get through them somehow. Holidays are booked for the crucial weeks of the tournament, and his very understanding co-workers have agreed to swap days off here and there so that he can see most of the England matches live in the early stages. There are some things for which taping and watching later just won’t do, apparently.

I’m looking forward to it all with a mix of anticipation and dread. I do enjoy watching soccer/football, but in moderation. However, it’s very much a case of “if you can’t beat him, join him” every four years. Er, make that every two years, as the Euro tournament is a must see, too. If I toddle off to do my own thing, I’m constantly being called back to watch a replay of a fantastic shot, which seems to occur about every forty-five seconds. England matches are the priority, but he’ll watch every match going when he’s at home.

This time I’m prepared, though. Sitting and staring at the TV for hours tends to make my eyes glaze over anyway, and sitting through three football matches per day almost sends me into a coma. But my TV tolerance increases greatly when my hands are busy, which they usually are when I plunk myself down in front of the box for any length of time. Even when it’s something I really want to see myself. So, I have a good selection of busy hands stuff at the ready. Nothing involving sharp objects or ink, though, as a body leaping and bouncing on the other end of the sofa can drive a needle into my hand, or make a pen skitter across a page. Lived and learned.

So, yeah, I’ll just shut up now and let you get to the video. Big thanks to Stephanie for sending me the link.


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