Doing the Jitterbug

In the past week I’ve sort of gone from this …

to this …

but I’d really rather feel more like this.

It’s great to be perking up after doing an Oscar-worthy impression of a slug for a while, but there’s such a thing as too much jitter in the bug. It’s a good kind of jitter, I suppose, but it would be nice to be able to sit still for two minutes. This will pass, but meanwhile, it’s a bit hard to get anything done that involves staying in one place for any length of time.

The good news is that the brain clutter is clearing out, the mood is much better, and the constant fretting about silly stuff is gone. I have the attention span of a gnat at present, but at least it’s focused on one thing, for as long as it lasts. The other good news is that one apparently burns off a lot of calories through flitting and fidgeting. Well, maybe intermittent nausea and a dead appetite are factors there, too, but I’m sure that the fidgeting counts.

But all in all, I’m still very glad that I did something about the slug act. In another week or two the side effects should be gone and then it will be on with life as I used to know it. As with most things, you have to put up with a bit of bad to get to the good.

Otherwise, things are going well here. I had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend, and was spoiled absolutely rotten. Fabulous meal out, gorgeous flowers, lovely jewellery, and the standard “turn Mom to a heap of teary mush” card. Sniff.

The temperature has taken a turn for the better again, so I’ll be off to buy my bedding plants tomorrow and will get them in the ground over the next week or so. It’s the Victoria Day long weekend coming up, which is the traditional time for gardeners to hit the garden centres. I’ll beat the mobs tomorrow, I hope. I don’t do mobs, end of story.

Now I’m off to have some lunch and then find a practical outlet for the jitters. No point in wasting all of that energy sitting here, bouncing my knee, when I could be putting it to better use. I was going to start cleaning windows today, but it has just started to rain. Should have known that that would happen after we had our big trees sprayed for critters this morning. In the old days that wouldn’t have mattered, but now we get them to use the environmentally friendly stuff that doesn’t kill on contact. Rather, it stays on the leaves and only the intended targets are affected by it. It’s supposed to stay on the leaves for a couple of weeks, but I somehow think that rain isn’t factored into that little equation. Oh well, hopefully enough of the critters had a feed this morning that our lovely trees won’t be denuded this year. Thanks to the early spring and milder winter, the leaf canopy is much lusher than we’ve seen for many a year.

As you were, gentle readers.


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