And So It Begins

My stiff back and limbs tell me that gardening season has begun in earnest. It’s a good sort of stiff, though, as in the kind that tells you that you’ve really accomplished something. We did a major clean up of weeds and such yesterday, and then set to work at planting the vegetable seeds.

The planting process seems to take a bit less time each year, so I guess that we have it down to a science now. The distribution of labour is a bit uneven, but that’s fine. I’m sure that Richard’s leaning on hoe technique contributes to the growing process somehow. He makes the rows, then has a lean while I do the actual planting, after which he stops leaning long enough to cover the row and make another one. But I suppose that he actually does have the tougher job because he’s the one who has to deal with the local know it alls, who just can’t resist stopping to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Not that they garden themselves, but hey, they still know it all. Being left-handed, I naturally work across the garden in such a way that my back is to the fence. So, I can just keep my head down and pretend like I don’t know that the spectators are there. If it sounds like they’re settling in for a long session, I can distribute the seeds along the row really slowly!

But the planting of seeds isn’t the only new beginning around here. Thanks to my darling daughter, I’m making a new beginning myself. I was the victim of a bit of an ambush when I went with her to an appointment on Thursday. Ordinarily that would have really ticked me off, as nothing gets the hackles up more than somebody “interfering”. But this time I was just grateful and relieved. I’ve known for some time that I needed to do something for myself, but it’s very easy to keep putting it off. I don’t want to step too far into the realm of “too much information” here, so suffice it to say that there are lots of cool things about being a woman in her 40s, but there are some not so cool things, too. I was getting pretty sick of myself, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when she who tells it like it is said, “I miss my fun mom and I want her back.” Fair enough. Richard hadn’t voiced an opinion, but he probably thought it wiser not to. I noted a massive wave of relief pass over his face when I gave him the news after the appointment, though. Poor man.

Anyway, thanks for the early Mother’s Day present, Stephanie. But don’t you dare start complaining when I get back to normal in a few weeks’ time and start to run you ragged! As they say, be careful what you wish for. 😉


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