Auntie Dot died on Friday afternoon. Not a shoc…

Auntie Dot died on Friday afternoon. Not a shock, obviously, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be that soon. When I left her on Thursday it was obvious that she wouldn’t be with us too much longer. I would have never predicted that she would be gone by the same time the next day, though. Obviously I’m sad that she’s gone, but I’m not sad that her suffering ended sooner than expected. She was in a lot of pain, and nobody deserves to linger on in that state, especially not her. They increased her pain medication the day that I saw her, and she just slipped away quietly in her sleep the next afternoon.

Unfortunately, the usual round of mayhem has followed, as is the case with any kind of family “event”. My relatives have a way of turning the simplest of situations into the most complex, convoluted, confusing schmozzle imaginable. I’ve been staying out of it as much as I can, as it’s really tiresome. Which is not to say that I didn’t spend most of the weekend answering the phone, though. I don’t like yapping on the phone for hours at the best of times, so was feeling pretty wrung out by the time I hung up after the last call last night. There’s an “atmosphere” between the two sides and both were trying to get me on board. Uh, no. Fight it out amongst yourselves and leave me completely out of it, thank you.

After all of that talking I’m still not clear on all of the important details, but apparently there are two funerals. So much for Auntie Dot’s wishes for “keep it quiet and simple”. Oh well, get on with it, people. Not everyone likes a big show, but there’s no stopping those who do. I won’t be at either funeral. The one today is two and a half hours out of town and we found out about it way too late to make arrangements to get there. The other clashes with a prior commitment that we must keep this week. Auntie Dot would understand, so there’s no reason to fret. I told her everything I wanted her to hear when I saw her, so no “unfinished business” there. It’s unfortunate that Stephanie didn’t get a chance to see her, but I’ve promised her that we’ll go to the cemetery and she can say a private goodbye in her own way. Which is probably best for her at present anyway.

Yesterday’s 27 C. made our apple tree burst into fragrant bloom over the course of the day. Which was nice timing as apple blossoms remind me of Auntie Dot. Her signature perfume had an apple blossom top note, plus there’s a visual connection on the wall right behind me. She was a master at a certain kind of intricate embroidery, the name of which escapes me at the moment, and gave us a large, framed picture as a wedding gift. The subject of which just happens to be apple blossoms. Our apple tree is about ten feet from the back door, and the breeze was blowing from that direction yesterday. So, as the buds started to open, the most delicious perfume began to waft its way into the house. I just opened the window on the door, as we’re heading into another warm day, and the perfume is even stronger this morning. It’s a bit eerie, given the circumstances, but rather comforting, too.


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