Alrighty, back to regular programming here, folks….

Alrighty, back to regular programming here, folks. Daughter is doing much better, and all is starting to feel right with the world again. There’s still the Vitamin B12 situation to sort out, as her appointment with the GP for this week was cancelled. But she’s booked in for next Tuesday and, by hook or by crook, she’ll see him. It won’t be an overnight fix as it takes time to get the stores built up. But over the next three months or so she should hopefully start firing on all cylinders again.

In other news, our incredibly warm spring has sort of reverted to normal early May weather this week. A bit of a shock after being spoiled by such blissful warmth so early in the year, but we’ll live. The snow flurries in the middle of the night warranted grabbing the glasses to make sure that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing, but the flurries didn’t amount to much in the end. If I hadn’t been on the prowl at that exact moment, I’d have never known about them. A few flakes in the air today, but you had to look hard to see them. So, the moaners, who just had to stop and sound off with their sage opinions while we were doing our thing in the garden during the warm weeks, were right with their doom and gloom “we’ll pay for this” predictions. But you know what? Pffft to the lot of them. The previous two weeks were heaven, so I don’t give a flying whatsit about this little blip. I’ve never had tulips in bloom in April, have never seen the trees come into almost full leaf in April, and the world hasn’t been exposed to the lily white pillars that hold up my body in April before. Such things are unlikely to happen again for a good many years, so those two remarkable weeks were appreciated while they lasted. Not so sure about the world appreciating the early exposure to the gams, and perhaps the fact that that probably won’t happen so soon again for a long time might not be all bad. But otherwise, yeah, a banner spring that won’t be forgotten for all of the right reasons!

Today proved to be a rather interesting day, crappy weather and all. When I got up I thought that I’d give myself a “day off” to do with as I please, since I’d have the house to myself for a chunk of the day. Daughter was getting stir crazy and decided to head out for a bit of retail therapy, which included the ever so important Mother’s Day shopping. Which, naturally, was preceded by the usual, “oh, I really don’t need anything this year, so save your money” bit. Which she knows is a total lie, of course. Well, I truthfully don’t need anything, but regardless, I deserve the earth, thank you very much, and there would be some serious maternal sulking if she actually took me at my word. We women are such complex creatures, aren‘t we? *cough* Anyway, the planned “day off” went somewhat awry, as such things tend to do. No sloth for the wicked, you know. The phone rang this morning and it was a cousin’s wife with some news about one of my aunts.

Auntie Dot is the lovely, warm, doting spinster aunt that every child on earth should have at least one of. I could wax lyrical about her for days, but suffice it to say that I loved her to bits when I was a child, and the affection never dwindled over the years. Stephanie was fortunate enough to experience lots of the Auntie Dot magic, too. I use the past tense there as we haven’t seen the dear lady for quite a while, since her health started to fail. A cousin and his wife took over the management of her affairs, and the rest of us were pretty much shut out of her life after that point. We were told that she was almost blind and very confused, so visitors upset her. Thus I didn’t push the point after a time. But today I wasn’t going to be put off. I’m not sure why I was called, as it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t expected to go to see Auntie Dot. But of course I did anyway. Judging from what I was told, she only had a matter of days left, if not hours, and there was no way that she was going to leave this earth without one last visit from me. Richard came with me for moral support. Not that death and dying scare me in the least, having dealt with that stage of life so often during my years as a nurse. But it was still nice to have him along, as it’s never easy to say goodbye to someone you love.

Except that it wasn’t goodbye. Certainly she is frail and obviously quite ill, but the lady I saw today certainly isn’t checking out just yet. Nor is she blind and totally confused, as I had been led to believe. She was snoozing when we arrived, but as soon as she opened her eyes, it was instant recognition and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. Then it was “Oh, I’m so happy to see you, Eleanor. I haven’t seen you in such a long time and I’ve missed you so much. So many times I’ve wished that you’d come for a visit, but I thought that you had forgotten me.” Geez, try to keep your lip from buckling when you hear that. 😦 I’m not going to beat myself up as I was totally misled. But believe me, there will never be a repeat of this scenario with anyone else in future. Regardless of what I’m told, if I want to see someone, I’ll bloody well go and see them. End of story! And I’ll be seeing Auntie Dot again soon, too. At the end of the visit she clung on and made me promise over and over that I’d go back to see her soon, and that I’d take Stephanie next time as she has missed her, too. We’d have taken her this time, except that we were expecting to walk into something much different. But now that we know what’s what, we’ll get her there in the next few days … just in case.


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