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Lena tagged me to do a “six things you might not know about me” meme. I’ve done so many such things over the years that probably most of the mysteries have been revealed by now. At least any that I’m willing to share. 😉 So, I’ll modify the theme somewhat and make it “six spring-related revelations about me.” I won’t tag anyone, but if you care to reveal six things about yourself, feel free.

1. My favourite spring memory is the annual jaunt out to the pasture to search for the first prairie crocus. See image above. Said little flowers can be quite elusive and tend to blend into the early spring landscape, so you sort of have to know where to look. They also have a very short season, so you have to instinctively know exactly when to look for them, or you’re out of luck. The prairie crocus is Manitoba’s floral emblem, by the way.

2. My favourite “traditional” spring flower is the daffodil. The more brilliant the yellow, the better.

3. My favourite sound of spring is the song of the first robin to visit my immediate vicinity.

4. My favourite spring smell is, again, something from my growing up years on the farm. There was a species of poplar tree that grew around the perimeter of the slough, which gave off the most amazing aroma when it came into bud in the spring. Dad called it “Balm of Gilead”, which I think was a reference to a local name for the tree. But whatever, the scent was a balm in itself. Anyone familiar with Ozonol ointment? It smells rather like that … but better. 🙂

5. My favourite taste of spring is the first, tender, luscious, freshly cut spears of asparagus, steamed to perfection.

6. But of course the best thing about spring is seeing my garden come back to life, after its winter snooze under a thick blanket of snow. Naturally, playing around in the dirt, helping the garden come back to life is a very nice part of spring, too.


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