Happy Easter

We’re having a glorious Easter weekend for weather thus far. Yesterday we got up to 17 C and today we’re heading for a high of 23 C. Hard to believe that we were still glaring at two foot snowbanks three weeks or so ago. Richard is stuck at work this weekend, but I’ll think of him when I’m puttering away out in the garden after lunch. Aren’t I kind?! I planted the sweet pea seeds yesterday, and today I’m going to do some more cleaning up and planting of early seeds in other beds.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. But that’s fine, as I’ll be confined to the kitchen for a good chunk of the day anyway. Turkey with all of the trimmings is on the menu. And turkey will be on the menu many times thereafter. I forgot Richard’s habits and put the turkey on the list when he volunteered to do the grocery run. Not that he can’t choose a fine bird, but his eyes are always bigger than three stomachs when he does the choosing. His “hunter, gatherer” genes tend to kick into overdrive when he hits a supermarket, so I have to be careful with the list. If I ask for “a little treat”, as in one small, decadent something or other, he’ll bring home a selection of large decadent treats for me to choose from … and choose from again numerous times thereafter. Lovely, lovely gesture, of course, and I totally appreciate the thought behind it. But he’s not the one who puts on five pounds by just inhaling the scent of chocolate or looking at a blob of whipped cream. Life really isn’t fair sometimes, is it?!

Anyway, my garden awaits, so I must be off to throw some lunch down my throat before heading out the back door. Have a lovely Easter everyone.


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