Umm …

It has been a while since I checked my stats to see what kinds of searches and such led people to my blog. That’s usually good for a giggle or three when one is looking for mild entertainment. So, I had a gander at mine a few minutes ago. Most of the searches were pretty ho hum stuff, really. But then I got back a few pages in the stats and hit the jackpot. A very disturbing jackpot. Somebody out there has some serious culinary issues. Searches in quick succession were:

1. how to cook a shrew
2. shrew stew
3. how to prepare a shrew for cooking
4. shrew garnish

Eeeuuww, just eeeuuwww.

But then I found the hoped for chuckle right after:

1. where to buy Gravol online
2. how to know if I have eaten something I shouldn’t have
3. how much vomiting is too much?

Serves you right, bud. Shrews of the four-legged kind are cute little creatures that are not for human consumption. Shrews of the two-legged kind are stunningly beautiful creatures with very sharp tongues, and not meant for the stewpots of cannibals. However, we are allowed to stew and garnish you, if you do not cease and desist with the deviant thoughts and behaviour immediately.


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