Faerie Dust and Stuff

As you’ll have noticed, the local blog design faerie has sprinkled her faerie dust over my blog again. Thank you, Faerie. You’ll note that I even used your preferred spelling of said word. That’s to prove how truly grateful I am. 🙂 I’m very, very impressed with the redesign, despite what you might have thought at a certain point along the way. Sorry about that. Truly. I have to confess that I hurt the faerie’s feelings a bit with my initial reaction. I really loved the design on first sight, thinking that it was for her website, but gave a bit of a gulp when she said that it was for me. Which was very silly, and which, understandably, offended the kind faerie. But I managed to remove the foot from my mouth before any real harm was done. Or rather, she grabbed it out of my mouth and gave it a very deserved shake.

The fairie is a very wise creature for her tender years and hit the nail on the head with her retort, as she frequently tends to do. The gist of which was, “You’re not a prude, so stop acting like one. I designed this for the real you, not the one held in check by the stupid tut tutting voices in your head. Do your stick up the ass relatives read your blog? No. And if anyone else comes to the blog with a stick up their ass, that’s their problem, not yours. This design is all about freedom and letting yourself go, which you seriously need to do. And do you see why I chose it for spring? Doesn’t it convey the sense of renewal, awakening, and utter blissful abandon that you feel when spring has truly arrived? Well? Exactly!” Not an exact quote there, so don’t get all nit picky on me, Stephanie. I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s an accurate condensed version of our conversation that night, though.

Of course she’s right, as usual, and her timing with the new design is absolutely perfect. Not only is spring trying very hard to shoo off Old Man Winter these days, but I could really use a renewal/awakening of the spirit right now. I also need to get my sense of humour back and bring this blog back to life. I seem to have lost my knack for rolling with the punches of late, and it shows in everything I do. Sure, I’m only human, and yes, there has been “stuff” lately. But I’d really like to get my sparkle back. Or at least a faint glow. Basically I’m just really, really tired and rather fed up in general these days. Besides the “stuff”, or maybe partially because of the “stuff”, I’ve hit the lowest spell I’ve had in quite awhile with the Chronic Fatigue nonsense. It’s probably partially just the time of year, too. It has been a long winter and I think that everyone in these parts is heartily sick of looking at huge snowbanks at this point. They have gone down some in the past week, but there’s quite a way to go yet before we see the grass and earth that has been buried under them all these months.

But this, too, shall pass. So, just bear with me until it does, okay? The blog posts will pick up again, as will the comments over at your blogs. I’m still visiting all of you regularly, but just don’t always have the time or energy to say that I’ve been there.

Oh, and one more thing, you’ll have also noticed that the Blogger comments have been switched over to something much nicer. Rest assured that I didn’t like the Blogger version any more than you did, and asked the faerie to please make the switch, since she was changing everything else anyway. Unfortunately all of the previously posted comments vanished with the switch, but I’m sure that you’ll all agree that it’s a small price to pay for not having to put up with squiggly letters anymore, and a sometimes there, sometimes not, comments system. I have the comments archived elsewhere, so they’re not truly lost anyway.

Alrighty, that’s it for me tonight. Now I’m off to sink my weary self into a tub full of orange and ginger scented bubbles, before crawling between freshly laundered sheets for a session with Simon de Montfort and Prince Llewellyn ap Gruffydd of Wales. Hubba! 🙂


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