Luck O’ the Irish, Eh?

The Irish blood in my veins hasn’t been much of a good luck charm for me today. I received a registered letter today … from my former mother-in-law, from whom there has been no contact for nigh on fifteen years. Oh bloody hell. Here we go again.

I’d like to think that she’s being honest with me, but something isn’t ringing true somehow. Just as it didn’t ring true when her son suddenly reappeared last summer, after a nearly fourteen year absence. Well, she rings a little truer than he did, but I learned the hard way not to trust any of that bunch. Not one bit. Apparently time is of the essence with the matter at hand, but I’m going to have a think for a few days before I do anything.

Meanwhile I think I’ll go throw up in a corner or something. Yes, it’s that bad. 😦


5 thoughts on “Luck O’ the Irish, Eh?

  1. Thanks everyone – positive vibes and hugs are splendid things. What a lovely bunch you are! 🙂 I'm okay now, just resentful about another intrusion into our lives, disgusted and sickened by the contents of the letter, and still at a loss about what to do for the best. I'll figure it out, though. Perhaps a chat with a lawyer might be a good place to start.

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