Okay, the reasons why it’s not a good idea to drive while applying makeup are pretty obvious.

But what I want to know is, how do people even manage to successfully apply makeup while driving? I can see face powder and perhaps blush, and maybe even lip gloss/lipstick, if they’re super-coordinated. But eye liner, or mascara? Geez, I’ve poked myself in the eye often enough just standing in front of the bathroom mirror, and we won’t discuss the appearance of my efforts if the hand jerks or quivers ever so slightly.

So, am I just particularly clumsy, or what? Have any of you mastered the art of makeup application while driving? Be honest, I won’t tell the police. Promise. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

  1. Hello my dear friend:-) Thanks for sending me your new blog addy, now I'm busy catching up on your news!! Hehe! I often put on lipstick when I'm driving but usually wait until I'm at a red light before doing so…one time I was putting some on and felt someone watching me…looked on the right hand side and there's a guy watching me! Needless to say I didn't need any blush for my cheeks, it came quite naturally! Ha! As for putting on mascara while driving…well that's a stunt I haven't been able to master yet! Ha! Take care my friend…love ya:-)

  2. Whilst driving home from the next village last week, a distance of around three miles, I saw two women busily chattering away on their mobile phones, one bloke reading a mapbook, and most terrifying, another bloke writing whilst driving.It must be safer to take the train.

  3. No I don't do makeup in the car and it irritates me when I see others doing it – especially if its tying up traffic!

  4. Hub could put on make-up while driving. Probably cleanly and neatly. After all, he eats chips, drinks pop, sets the time on the dash clock, and rearranges the papers on the sun visor while driving with the dog sitting on his lap. Scares the hell out of me. When I'm driving, the best I can do is chew gum and all passengers must sit still and be quiet like they should be if on the ocean in a tippy boat! 😀

  5. I'm with you and have enough trouble doing it within the confines of my own home. Interesting you should mention this though as it has been on the news here lately that a young lady was caught putting make up on by the cctv camera's and has been prosecuted by the police. She was caught putting it on and with no hands on the steering wheel. Yikes.Her 'defence' was that she was going to meet her 'married' lover and wanted to look her best. !!!!!! Poor lamb.

  6. Hey Carole! 🙂 Great to see you making your presence known over here! Sorry that it took me so long to remember to give you the change of address, but I got there eventually! I forgot the second reason for the change when I mentioned the move in my letter, but you probably found it when you went through the archives. Lots of undesirables bugging me over at the other place, not just one. Although that one was the most undesirable of the lot, of course. ;-)As for the makeup bit, are you sure that you only do it when stopped at a light? Come on, no fibbing allowed here. Ok, fine, I'll believe you, but many wouldn't! 🙂 LOL at the blush bit. Actually, I don't know why I bother wearing the stuff at any time as it takes nothing to make my colour rise naturally. Total waste of money to buy the artificial colour, really! Oh, and love ya back. 🙂

  7. Ah, but has anyone observed the behaviour of those in control of a hurtling train, YS? That might be worth looking into. But yeah, I think I'd be a tad freaked out, too, if I came upon someone writing while driving on the same road as me. I'll be discussing cell phones in a future post, so get your rant ready. I know you'll have one. 😉

  8. Really, Wosser? I thought men could do anything behind the wheel. Hunh, shows what I know. 😉 Um, you weren't the one YS saw writing, were you?!

  9. Oh, Roberta, you do make me laugh. 🙂 I'm in the same league of drivers as you. Two hands on the wheel, and SHUT UP, I'm concentrating on my driving here! No, you can't turn the radio up, and I'll talk to you when we get to the next red light! Stop fidgeting over there, you're distracting me!

  10. Hi Carol! Great to see you speaking up over here, too. Whee, my friends are all coming out of the woodwork at once! :)Actually, the inspiration for this post might have been the exact case you mentioned. Click on the underlined words in the post as that's a link to an article about a woman in Wales. Didn't know what her excuse was, though. Like that's supposed to make it alright!!

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