Don’t Think, Just Write

It’s done! Just a quick bit of tweaking tomorrow, attach a few photos, click the mouse, and that’s it. Out of my hands and into theirs. I still wish that I had been given more time for the writing, but am reasonably pleased with the end result.

It went quite easily once I got going. The first few sentences were rewritten a few dozen times, perhaps more. But then I heard the voice of my high school English teacher in my head. “You think too much and it blocks your writing. Don’t think, just write. Relax and let it flow.”

Sound advice indeed. And I won’t forget it again, Mr. C.! 🙂

Now I’m off for a good night’s sleep to get rid of the thundering headache and gritty eyes. Guess I’m not cut out for epic novel writing, after all!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Think, Just Write

  1. My boss gave me a somewhat similar piece of advice. She said, don't write a letter, just write what you would say if the other person was sitting at your desk. I have always found that truly helpful when writing all kinds of things. Now with your teacher's hint and my bosses' hint, we should be able to really rumble.

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