Plan B

Michael Learned, as Olivia Walton

Mutter, mutter.

Richard hits a major landmark birthday in April, which necessitates a very special gift from his beloved. I had planned to surprise him with tickets in his card for the upcoming Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Driving Miss Daisy. It’s a good play, but the big appeal for him would be Michael Learned in the starring role. He has had a bit of a thing for her since she played Olivia Walton in The Waltons. However, she has now pulled out of the role for health reasons. Her replacement will be Karen Grassle, who played Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie . She has done a lot of stage work over the years and I’m sure that she’s a fine actress. But Richard loathed that TV series, and I can’t see him being too thrilled with seeing her on stage.

Karen Grassle, as Caroline Ingalls

So, now what? Man, I hate it when I’ve thought of the perfect way to surprise and thrill someone, only to have it snatched away. It happened at Christmas when some CDs I ordered from England didn’t arrive, thanks to a total balls up on the part of the company from which I ordered them. I got them after from another source, and he was still thrilled, but it wasn’t the same as having them sitting under the tree for him on Christmas morning.

Oh well, I came up with a fairly inspired last minute idea at Christmas, and I’m sure that I’ll think of something else for his birthday. But it’s still a let down.

Mutter, mutter.


3 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. What a wonderful idea you did have – that is too bad that Michael Learned had to pull out. You are so considerate to look at the 'who' that is in the role to meet Richards likes. You will come up with another idea – you are good at that it seems. 🙂

  2. Has Richard ever heard of the “willing suspension of disbelief”? Matters not who plays the part but how they play it. I'm sure the Little-House-on-the-Prairie actress will do a different job from she did in that calico-and-rural-pursuits series (which was one of my now-37-year-old daughter's favourites)

  3. “Calico-and-rural-pursuits series” – very good, MR. 🙂 If the treat were meant for me, anyone who could put in a top quality performance would be fine. But Richard is a different breed. If the performer doesn't interest him, neither does the performance. Watch for the smoke from the east, Desiree, when the birthday draws near and I'm still frantically trying to think of an idea! Normally a couple of back up plans come to mind quite easily, but I'm really stumped this time. Probably I'm trying too hard. The best ideas tend to find me, rather than vice versa.

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